Best Psychic Readings Online: Top-Rated Platforms That Work

Kasamba is a psychic website with many different services, with over 3,000,000 customers using or trying their services. The company has 20 years of service behind them, and consumers have easy access to tarot readers, mediums, fortune tellers, astrologers, and psychics through many different avenues.

Finding the answers to where life is going can seem like an impossible dream. However, psychic readings are consistently lauded as a New Age option for consumers that want to learn a little more about what is next, but how accurate are these predictions? They provide hope to anyone who hears them, directing them towards a new life path that could be theirs with a bit of faith and perseverance.

Every person has different problems, and reading isn’t necessary for their needs. In this guide, consumers will learn about a few top consulting websites for psychics today, supporting them as they choose the right person for the job.

Kasamba attracts new clients with 50% discounts for all newcomers, and everyone gets the first 3 minutes for free.

The Top Psychic Reading Consultation Websites

While there are many different websites available, this guide will specifically look at the online psychic readings offered by:

  • Kasamba has a five-star rating and offers brief love and career readings with the first 3 minutes at no cost.
  • Psychic Source offers the first 3 minutes free as customers learn about the path they can go in their life via phone, chat, or video.
  • California Psychics boasts incredible accuracy with 5 minutes free for any new user and $1.00 a minute after.

Read on below to learn about these three websites.



Genuine psychics aim to provide users with guidance in their life problems, and it is relatively easy to use Kasamba. Booking a session is pretty straightforward; users can pick the psychic they want to work with. After choosing a psychic, tarot readers, mediums, fortune tellers, and astrologers, they must register and set up an account with a login ID and password.

Some of the services that this website offers include:

  • Love psychic readings help customers what they can do to solve the relationship problems they currently have and prevent themselves from making bad decisions in their current relationship.
  • Tarot reading and palm readings provide insight into interesting issues using tarot cards or palmistry.
  • Astrology and numerology readings base the details of the user’s future on the planetary positions in their birth chart or the numbers in their birth date.
  • Readings with the psychic medium help users deal with the loss and grieving they may experience with loved ones and pets.
  • Career forecast readings help the user solve their money problems with their job.

Part of the reason this company is so popular is because of its affordable services. While some readings only cost a dollar for each minute, others may cost $20 per minute for certain psychic services. Kasamba also allows users to apply specific filters to their choice, helping them find the psychic that works specifically for their needs; they provide users with the readings for their aura, pets, and more. In addition, some psychics use rooms, while others use crystals for further information. The qualifications for these psychics are featured online, offering the details on a profile page viewable by any customer.

The company accepts payments through a secure processor, and users can choose from sessions via phone, email, live chats, or mobile app conversation. Part of the reason this company is so appealing is that they offer 50% off for any new user.

Psychic Source


Psychic Source has readings available via chat, video, and phone call, providing 24/7 service from the customer service team or spiritual mentors. Each session offers the first 3 minutes at no charge, earning clients’ trust everywhere for the last 30 years. With the filtered search, consumers can learn about the different psychics to pick the right match for their needs with diverse expertise. They can also choose between a phone call, an online chat, and a video call.

  • Love, relationships, and family readings can help alleviate the mental and physical tolls that these circumstances can have on the user’s life.
  • Past life, lost objects, and spiritual readings take a lesson that the psychic connects to from a past life to help the user find a particular thing or a life path.
  • Angel card readings allow the psychic to sense the energy of their guardian angel to provide insight into the challenges that the user may experience with their emotions.
  • Love tarot card reading shows the client what may be in their love life in the future using tarot cards to make the prediction.
  • Dream interpretation readings help users unravel the meaning behind their dreams to discover what their subconscious is trying to tell them.

The technical support from the customer service team at Psychic Source ensures that users don’t have to worry about connection issues, providing them with a greater sense of security. In addition, a strict privacy policy protects the customer information that is asked of every client – phone number, email address, credit card details, etc.

Along with the typical methods of communication, Psychic Source provides users with an app that shows a condensed version of the main website. However, users can also visit the website on their smartphone to get this version.

While other websites may be costly for certain services, Psychic Source has relatively affordable rates. The starting price is just $1 per minute. However, other packages are available for up to $2 per minute. Users also have the choice to set up a payment plan if necessary. Plus, psychics fluent in English and Spanish are available, and clients can choose which language they communicate in.

To ensure that clients only get reliable psychics, any psychic that wants to be employed by this website will need years of experience to back up their skills.

California Psychics


California Psychics provides a user-friendly experience through the app, offering secure payment options and discounts for every client who comes in rather than just the new ones. The company has been in business for 20 years and provides readings on love, career choices, and more. The psychics also offer spiritual advice to the user, and they can perform energy clearing sessions for individuals who may have blocked chakras.

Whenever someone registers, they are automatically credited with three free minutes with any psychic. To decide on the best psychic, they can review the different profiles that offer details about their expertise.

Some of the specific services they offer include:

  • For example, money readings can show users what they need to do to manage their finances and improve their prospects for a future career.
  • Tarot readings predict the future and review the past using tarot cards.
  • Life path readings help the user understand the correct pathway they should take in their life to achieve their goals.
  • Pet psychic readings provide insight into the minds of their pets for a better connection.
  • Missing person readings will help people find individuals that the authorities may not actively seek out in some cases.
  • Career psychic readings help users decide if they need to change their current career path.

All of the psychics at California Psychics have undergone background checks to ensure that they offer clients proper support. This platform also supports millions of customers, and users can peruse the ratings and reviews that other clients have left behind with the psychics. In addition, all California psychics are available to speak with 24/7, allowing clients to have a reading at any time.

Some unique consumer services include love, relationships, money, and finance readings. In addition, users can check the websites for their horoscopes that cover the week, month, or year.

How Can You Prepare for A Psychic Reading Session?

Before a psychic reading, consumers should prepare the questions they have for their psychic ahead of time. Every person who turns to a psychic has a different reason for doing so; creating a set of questions will help the psychic know what direction to focus on during the reading. It will also help them tackle the client’s problems in their life that they want to resolve.

What Kind of Questions Can a User Ask A Love Psychic?

Every relationship has troubles, and consultation with a love psychic can provide guidance in an otherwise frustrating situation. Still, when meeting a love psychic, it is hard to know what to ask them. Therefore, before discussing details about the client’s relationship, it is also important to discuss past relationships and their current emotional needs.

Some consumers ask about the healing they can have in their current relationship, while individuals who don’t have a relationship may ask about their path to finding true love. The advice is not the only consideration; clients may ask how the psychic’s advice can be used to heal a broken heart that they have sustained from another relationship.

Anyone currently betrothed may ask if their current relationship is the right path for them. Others will ask how to correct an imbalance of attraction in a potential meeting. But, any question about love or relationships is on the table.

How Can Anyone Find the Best Free Psychic Reading to Meet Their Needs?

The internet is filled with different psychic platforms that consumers can choose from. Finding the right match can take a little bit of research, but research is crucial in finding success. Please research any websites being considered to ensure that it is not based on the work of scammers. Read the psychic accounts’ qualifications, learning about their skills and past experiences or what is needed in these circumstances.

Most websites will show an option for customers to leave reviews of their experiences, and understanding what other clients have gotten from their readings can help anyone determine if that particular website is the right match for them. The feedback provided by other users can also be helpful. Many psychic websites have good ratings, but users should be wary of the outlandish reviews or highly advertised as miraculous.

Individuals that want to learn a particular detail about their lives should also consider the specific ability of the psychic they select. For example, going to a career psychic when they have questions about their love life is not a good match. However, if the user has a reading that leaves them unsatisfied, they can always go to another psychic to learn insight into their lives.

What Are the Most Popular Psychics in 2022?

Customers who enjoy the benefits of tarot readings, career readings, astrology readings, and more will find that psychic websites can bring them many experiences they’ll enjoy. Some of the most popular services include:

  • Psychic reading services help create a sense of peace and positivity in the clients’ lives.
  • Gifted psychic mediums help the clients contact a deceased loved one as they resolve the doubts or questions they may have.
  • Love/relationship psychic services guide clients to solutions in matters of the heart to improve relationships.
  • Life questions psychics help users clarify their life direction to make crucial decisions.
  • Career psychics help users make career choices to lead to tremendous financial success.
  • Astrology reading analyzes the client’s birth chart to show essential knowledge about their life to guide them in a specific direction.

Are Real Psychics Featured on Free Platforms?

Ultimately, a free psychic platform can seem sketchy, but there are advantages. There are plenty of websites that genuinely provide users with psychic services. Unfortunately, fraudulent websites will also offer these types of services. By going through one of the paid websites, consumers may be more satisfied with their services.

Keen and Kasamba offer low-cost services to consumers to get psychic readings in many different categories. Considering the various customer reviews can be beneficial for individuals who want to find other sources for their readings.

Can Anyone Suddenly Have the Ability to be a Psychic?

Ultimately, becoming a psychic is not a sudden skill. This skill can take years to harvest correctly, allowing them to learn the skills and knowledge they need for this career path. People cannot get the special abilities they want to use, mainly because connecting with someone’s energy level is no small task. The support they can offer is like no other service.

What Mode of Psychic Reading Will Be Best for a New User?

Before any psychic is selected, the user must choose how they want to connect with the reader. There are a few different options, including:

  • Reading by phone for individuals that don’t want to engage with a psychic over a video chat.
  • A consultation over a mobile app for individuals that want to reach a psychic at any time of day
  • A reading via email for individuals that don’t want to set up a scheduled appointment but want to read through results at their leisure
  • Reading over a chat session for individuals that prefer to communicate via text.
  • A reading via video chat for individuals that want to speak face-to-face without meeting in person.

How Can Consumers Get What They Need from a Psychic or Spiritual Reading?

The consultation results will entirely depend on how the consumer’s mindset goes into this experience. Skepticism often makes users dissatisfied with their reading from a psychic, mainly because having an open mind can impact an individual’s ability to get a precise reading.

When engaging in a psychic reading, be honest with the psychic about the expectations. This honesty can give the psychic clarity to show users what they need to do to be on the best path possible. Also, no matter what the individual hears during the reading, they must understand that the future can change. Therefore, regardless of the prediction, users should expect that their circumstances could still improve.

Every psychic has different skills, and the user should examine what they want from the reading to find the right specialist. For example, some readers specialize in financial predictions, while others predict what their customers may find in love. Understanding what the reader can offer will greatly help consumers understand what they need to know about their lives.

What Advantages Does an Online Consultant Have Over In-Person Psychics?

There are many reasons that individuals might choose an online psychic instead of meeting someone in person. Finding someone with the skills needed might be difficult in certain areas, and the ability to find someone with the specific skills required may be more accessible online. Plus, staying home while using these types of services is much easier.

Shopping online for a psychic can allow users to reap incredible benefits from their services, only requiring a little support. Plus, many websites offer these services anytime, giving the participants the answers they need within their schedule.

The Top Psychic Reading Consultation Websites Final Thoughts

With the current reputation of psychic brands, it is clear that these types of readings constitute a significant opportunity for scammers to take over. Of course, these scammers like to take consumers’ money; however, credible websites can give users a direction to take them on the right path.

All of the websites are relatively easy on the budget, allowing users to connect with psychics that deal with many types of astrology. The psychics on this list are prescreened to ensure that their skills and services are authentic, allowing users to find the guidance that is meant for them.


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