Best Portable AC

A good portable AC unit can transform your summer.

Instead of sitting in sticky, uncomfortable heat all summer, you can enjoy cool, clean, and refreshing air with a good portable AC unit.

And, instead of spending thousands on a home air conditioning system or installing a clunky window-based system, you can enjoy affordable, convenient, and portable cooling power for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re looking for a better sleep, a more comfortable home office, or just a cool breeze at home, you can get great portable AC units at a cheap price online today.

Our Rankings

Our editorial team tested some of the world’s trendiest portable AC units. Some units lived up to the hype, while others did not.

After hundreds of hours of research and deliberation among our team, here’s how we ranked the world’s best portable AC units:

ChillWell AC


ChillWell AC is a portable AC unit with a solid design, a hassle-free setup process, and surprisingly chilly air. The unit uses evaporation cooling to remove heat from the air, making it easy to dispense cool air wherever you need.

Your ChillWell AC comes with multiple settings to control speed and temperature. Whether you want Arctic-level chill or a gentle breeze, you can get the customized cooling you need with ChillWell AC.

ChillWell AC, like other evaporative coolers, works particularly well in dry and hot climates. Because the unit adds moisture to the air to cool the air, it can provide a significant difference in the western United States, the southwest, and other dry and hot regions of the country during the summer.

Price: $89.99

Ice House Portable AC


Ice House Portable AC lives up to its name by rapidly cooling the air using water – all while removing harmful particles and purifying the air.

The makers of Ice House Portable AC claim their unit offers 2x the cooling power of competing units. Like other evaporative coolers listed here, the Ice House Portable AC adds humidity to the air to keep it cool – all while providing an energy-efficient and cost-efficient experience.

We also like Ice House Portable AC for being portable, rechargeable, and noise-free. Despite offering some of the coolest temperatures on our list, the unit is very quiet. If you want an effective portable AC unit and humidifier to keep you cool and hydrated all summer long, then the Ice House Portable AC could be the perfect choice.

Price: $79.99

HydroBoost Portable AC


HydroBoost Portable AC is a three-mode air conditioner that works as an air conditioner, fan, or air humidifier.

The unit offers up to 4 hours of cool, Arctic-like breeze while helping you store up to 10oz (300mL) of water or ice, giving you enough cold air for several hours. Just add water and ice to the unit, turn it on, and quickly enjoy cool temperatures anywhere in your home.

Plus, at only 8W of power, the HydroBoost Portable AC won’t significantly impact your electricity bill even when running constantly. You get ultra quiet cooling, cold temperatures, and an efficient power source ideal for all situations.

Price: $97.95


IcyBreeze is a portable AC unit with significantly more power than competing options on our list. Instead of offering pint-sized cooling like other units, IcyBreeze offers 6 hours of runtime on a single charge and offers twice the cooling of other leading options on the market.

We also like how IcyBreeze is backed by a lifetime guarantee: if anything goes wrong with your IcyBreeze, the manufacturer will fix it.

IcyBreeze is ideal for fishing, camping, sports, boating, and power outages. It’s also the same high-quality portable AC used in event venues, sports competitions, and other major events. Instead of just cycling air and adding moisture, IcyBreeze lowers air temperatures by transferring air through a cooler, letting you enjoy icy temperatures in large and small spaces.

Price: $289.99


EvaPolar offers a family of portable air coolers ideal for a range of unique needs. Whether you’re looking for maximum power cooling or a gentle breeze, you can get the products you need with EvaPolar. The company offers popular options like the evaLIGHT Plus, evaCHILL, and evaSMART, for example, with different levels of cooling power.

Featuring voice control, mobile app support, LED backlights, and easy-to-use designs, the EvaPolar family can cool your home more effectively than competing options on our list.

All EvaPolar family members are also portable, energy efficient, freon-free, and whisper-quiet. Many people also love the slim, sleek, futuristic-looking design. While other portable AC units look cheap and clunky, the EvaPolar family looks high-quality and futuristic.

Price: $99+


ZeroBreeze is a high-powered, high-quality portable air conditioner designed for outdoor use – like when camping. Priced at $999 per unit, ZeroBreeze offers proven cooling capabilities wherever you go – whether you’re camping in your backyard, spending a night in your camper van, or hiking to the top of a mountain.

Featuring 23,000 BTU of power, ZeroBreeze is the highest-powered battery-run device on our list. You can even buy a portable charging station with ZeroBreeze to power your AC unit on-the-go (and charge other electronics off the grid).

If you want cool air anywhere you go and don’t mind paying for it, then ZeroBreeze is the Rolls Royce of portable air conditioners.

Price: $999

New Air Portable ACs

New Air offers a range of portable air conditioners at various power levels and intensities. Whether you’re trying to cool a dorm room or an entire home, you can find a New Air portable AC unit that matches your unique needs.

Priced at $400 and up, New Air’s portable air conditioners feature anywhere from 6,000 BTUs to 12,000 BTUs of cooling capacity, making it easy to select the optimal power for your area.

New Air’s portable AC units aren’t designed like the ultra-small portable AC units listed above: they feature exhaust hoses to help vent warm air outside your home, giving you extra cooling power. If you want to keep an entire room cool, then New Air’s portable ACs can help you do that all summer long.

Price: $400+

RW Flame Portable Air Conditioners

RW Flame offers a range of portable air conditioners with fan cooling, dehumidification, and multiple fan speeds.

At the more basic end, there’s the Antarctic Star Electric Air Conditioner, a portable AC unit with three speeds, three modes, and 12 hours of runtime.

At the higher end, RW Flame also offers portable air conditioners with mount exhaust kits and 8,000 BTUs of power, allowing you to keep larger spaces cool. Whether you’re looking for basic cooling power or high-end effectiveness, RW Flame offers a range of portable air conditioners to exceed your expectations.

Price: $120+

Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier

Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier is one of the smallest and most affordable units on our list. It’s small enough to fit into the cupholder of your vehicle, providing on-the-go cooling by spraying cool mist into the air periodically.

If you live in a hot and dry climate, then a spritz of cool water can drastically lower temperatures. Sleep Connection’s Cool Mist Humidifier can instantly lower the temperature of the air, helping you stay cool all summer long.

Sleep Connection backs all purchases with a 30 day moneyback guarantee. And, with a stylish design, the Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier won’t look out of place in any office, dorm, car, or other setting. It works, keeps you cool, and looks good at the same time.

Price: $67.99

Arctic Box

Arctic Box is a portable air cooler designed to fight off heat waves using the power of evaporative cooling.

Like other evaporative coolers on our list, the Arctic Box sucks hot and dry air into one side and pushes a refreshing, cool breeze out the other side. You can wake up feeling refreshed every morning without the dryness, stickiness, and uncomfortableness of hot summer temperatures

Arctic Box is easy to use. Just open the door, add water or ice, connect a power supply to the unit, then switch it on. You’ll enjoy instantly cool air, and you can easily carry Arctic Box around your home to anywhere it needs to go.

Price: $99

IceBox Cordless Air Cooler

IceBox Cordless Air Cooler lives up to its name by providing cord-free cooling power while purifying and humidifying the air. Featuring adjustable wind direction and speed, IceBox Cordless Air Cooler has an enlarged water tank for longer cooling, a built-in rechargeable battery (with up to 5h of life), and a USB power supply.

Like other evaporative coolers, IceBox Cordless Air Cooler uses evaporative cooling to add moisture to hot air, reducing temperatures without the dryness of conventional air condition systems. That means you can enjoy cool, comfortable air all summer long.

Plus, IceBox Cordless Air Cooler has bonus features we don’t see on competing devices, including mood lights and air purification. If you want cool, clean, refreshing air in a stylish design, then IceBox Cordless Air Cooler could be the right choice.

Price: $79.99


CoolEdge is a portable air cooler featuring a unique and colorful design and a phone mount – something we don’t see on any other portable air cooler on our list.

If you want to watch a video on your phone while sitting directly in front of your portable AC unit, then CoolEdge makes that easy. The fan blows cool air directly at you at different intensities while you watch your phone screen.

Unlike other portable AC units on our list, CoolEdge does not have built-in cooling systems or evaporation technology; instead, it simply blows air in your direction via a small fan. The cooling comes from the speed of the air – not moisture within the device. Although it’s not as powerful as competing units, it provides simple and effective cooling all summer long.

Price: $79

CoolMe Pro

CoolMe Pro is a fast-working portable AC Unit that cools, humidifies, and purifies the air. Featuring a lightweight design and ultra-low noise, the CoolMe Pro is freon-free and non-toxic while operating at three different fan speeds.

Priced at $79 per unit, CoolMe Pro is made by a Riga, Latvia-based company. That company has designed CoolMe Pro to help you stay cool all summer long without spending a fortune on electricity or worrying about complicated home HVAC systems.

If you want simple, effective, quality cooling on the go, then CoolMe Pro is a good option. Plus, with colorful night lights, CoolMe Pro makes it easy to light up your home all summer long while enjoying quality cooling power.

Price: $79


CoolX is a no-nonsense home cooling fan with adjustable slats and fan speeds to control the cooling power.

Like other fans on our list, CoolX provides basic cooling power without the noise or intensity of some of the water-based or evaporation-based units. You get a fan that blows cool air at high speeds directly at you, helping you stay at a comfortable temperature in any environment.

Backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, CoolX is ideal for those who already live in humid climates and don’t need to add additional humidity to the air. In these environments, a simple, high-powered fan can make a world of difference. CoolX makes it easy.

Price: $79.99

Aero Cool Portable AC

Aero Cool Portable AC is a portable air conditioning system that uses evaporation to keep your home cool.

As warm air passes in one side of the device, it encounters a water curtain that adds moisture to the air, instantly dropping temperatures. By the time air exits the other side of the device, it’s a lower temperature, helping you enjoy cool, clean, and refreshing air anywhere you go.

Aero Cool Portable AC is ideal for smaller environments, including hotels, offices, dorm rooms, home gyms, and other areas. If you want on-the-go cooling in a small, portable design, then Aero Cool Portable AC can help.

Price: $89.99

Williston Force

Williston Force is a portable fan and air cooling system priced at $70 per unit. Designed with the ability to generate cool, refreshing air wherever you go, Williston Force combines small electronics technology with the proven cooling power of fans to keep you at a comfortable temperature in any environment.

Like other fan-based units on our list of portable ACs, Williston Force is ideal for those living in humid climates. You don’t need to add extra humidity to the air to stay cool; instead, you can enjoy easy and effective cooling with a simple, high-powered fan.

Williston Force is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee on all purchases, giving you an extra layer of peace of mind that you’re using a high-quality portable AC system.

Price: $69.99

NexFan Evo UV Cooler

NexFan Evo UV Cooler keeps your home smelling fresh and scented by purifying the environment using ultraviolet (UV) light. Hospitals use UV light to keep equipment clean. With the NexFan Evo UV Cooler, you can use the same technology to sanitize surfaces and air surrounding the cooler.

Some homes smell unpleasant. Maybe the previous tenant was a smoker. Maybe you have cats and dots. Maybe it’s stuffy in the middle of a hot summer. Whatever the issue may be, the NexFan Evo UV Cooler can help you keep your home, office, or hotel room sanitized and clean.

Each NexFan Evo UV Cooler is small, lightweight, and portable. You charge it once, and the cooler runs for up to 12 hours. The device uses water and ice to generate cold airflow – similar to other evaporative coolers on our list.

Price: $79.95

Air Cooler Pro

Air Cooler Pro is a portable cooler designed to lower your summer electricity bill while keeping your home cool and comfortable. It’s usable right out of the box, providing rapid cooling anywhere you plug it in.

Like other evaporative coolers, the Air Cooler Pro works using a combination of water and ice. As hot air passes over the water, it sucks up moisture, adding humidity to the air while lowering temperatures. Cool air exits the device, helping you enjoy more comfortable temperatures.

If you want effective, straightforward cooling without the high costs of conventional portable air coolers, then the Air Cooler Pro may be the right option.

Price: $90

Sylvane Portable Air Conditioners

Sylvane is one of the best-known names in the portable air conditioning space. Offering a range of portable air coolers from 5,000 to 15,000 BTUs and more, Sylvane accommodates all room sizes and budgets with a lineup of quality home air conditioning devices.

Unlike some of the smaller air conditioners on our list, the Sylvane Portable Air Conditioners provide heavy-duty cooling power suitable for larger rooms and spaces. Instead of only cooling the immediate area around your body, you can keep an entire room at a comfortable temperature without the expense or hassle of a whole-home AC system.

Sylvane also has high-end portable air coolers for industrial and commercial settings, including 18,000 to 120,000 BTU portable air conditioners that weight up to 10 tons. Whether you’re carrying a portable air conditioner from room to room or installing high-end cooling systems, you can get the products you need with Sylvane.

Price: $459+

Sion Cooler

Sioin Cooler helps you save energy, money, and time with three fan speeds, rapid cooling, and a fast and easy setup process. Priced at $90 per cooler, Sion Cooler competes with other budget options on our list while providing basic cooling with a no-nonsense design.

Each Sion Cooler features a built-in fan with customizable slats, making it easy to direct cool air wherever it needs to go. Plus, with a comfortable handle on top, you can easily bring Sion Cooler from room to room.

If you want basic cooling and the ability to take your cooler with you throughout the home, then Sion Cooler is the right choice. With multiple fan speeds and easy, rapid cooling, Sion Cooler can transform a small room into a comfortable environment.

Price: $89.99

UV Cooler

UV Cooler is a portable air conditioner that not only cools down the air, but also purifies the room. Using the power of ultraviolet light, UV Cooler sanitizes germs and bacteria from the air, helping you breathe cleaner and cooler air.

Each UV Cooler features customizable slats, multiple fan speeds, and a cable with a USB connection for added cooling power.

Priced at $80 per unit, UV Cooler offers the cooling power you need without breaking the bank – and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home HVAC system. If you need basic cooling in your immediate vicinity, then UV Cooler can help you stay comfortable.

Price: $79.95

CoolFeel Max

CoolFeel Max uses instant air cooling technology and a portable, lightweight, neck-hang style to keep you at a comfortable temperature wherever you go.

You can wear CoolFeel Max around the house. Or, you can use it when running or walking in the summer heat. Because the device hangs around your neck comfortably, it’s easy to stay cool at all times.

Each CooFeel Max is equipped with a lithium ion battery that works in all environments and temperatures. You can quickly charge the device with a micro-USB cable, then walk around for hours while keeping cool. It’s the ultimate portable air cooling system – all for just $59.

Price: $59

How We Ranked

Every portable AC unit company claims to offer Arctic temperatures, easy cooling, and portable design. However, not all portable AC units work as advertised.

To separate the best and worst AC units available today, we used the following ranking factors:

Ability to Dispense Cool Air: You’re buying a portable AC unit to keep cool. We primarily judged each AC unit based on its ability to dispense cool air. Some portable AC units only dispense sort of cool air, while others dispense air that’s genuinely cold.

Temperature Control: Some portable AC units only dispense air at the same lukewarm temperature. Others let you set the control from Arctic chill to mildly cool. We liked units with high levels of temperature control.

BTUs: Portable AC units have different levels of BTUs. The more BTUs a portable AC unit has, the larger its cooling radius. Whether you’re looking for an 8,000 BTU portable cooler or a 14,000 BTU portable cooler, you can find a range of power options above.

Cooling Time: How long does it take for the portable cooler to start dispensing cool air? Some portable AC units take 20 minutes to start working, while others start working within seconds of launch. When it’s a hot, summer day, you want cool air as quickly as possible.

Size and Portability: We exclusively reviewed portable AC units, which means we looked at AC units that were easy to carry around. Some manufacturers have invested significantly in size and portability, taking steps to limit weight. Others have added carrying handles or special cases. We considered portability in our rankings.

Convenience & Ease of Use: Some portable AC units require constant charging, make a mess, and need regular battery replacement. Others work without issue or maintenance, allowing you to run the portable AC unit as frequently as you like without issue.

Price & Value: You shouldn’t need to spend over $300 for a good portable AC unit. The best portable AC unit companies sell products directly to consumers, trimming overhead costs and allowing you to buy a great AC unit for a fraction of the cost. We considered price and value in our rankings. Whether you want to spend $50 or $200 on a portable AC unit, we listed multiple options for you.

Noise: Many people like running their portable AC unit at night or in the office, which means noise is a factor. We preferred portable AC units that were quiet while still dispensing cool air.

Customizable Cooling & Fan Speeds: Do you want maximum cooling power? Or a soft, gentle breeze? The best portable AC units offered the best of both worlds, letting you set different fan speeds and intensity levels to get the cooling you need.

Build Quality & Design: Some portable AC units are made from cheap plastic that falls apart with a light touch. Other portable AC units are made from high-quality materials designed to survive even heavy falls. We liked manufacturers that invested in good materials and good build quality.

Battery Life, Charging Capacity, and Power: Most portable AC units are chargeable. You charge the unit, then carry it around wherever it needs to go. Some portable AC units last an hour per charge, while others last 10 hours or more. We preferred portable AC units with strong battery life, fast charging times, and an overall smooth power management experience.

Energy Efficiency: Many people buy portable AC units to avoid the high cost of home HVAC systems. Instead of spending thousands to keep your home cool all summer, you can save money with an energy efficient portable unit. Some portable AC unit companies have invested in energy efficiency, while others are surprisingly wasteful.

Appearance & Design: You want a portable AC unit to look good. Portable AC units tend to be found in high-visibility areas – like on your desk, nightstand, or coffee table. We considered appearance and design in our rankings, and we preferred portable AC units that looked good and performed better.

Filtration & Sanitization: Some portable AC units have carbon filters, UV filtration, and other features to clean the air you breathe. This can be a game-changer if you live in an area with high air pollution – or if you just want to breathe clean and cool air.

Warranty or Moneyback Guarantee: The best portable AC units have a no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee or a lengthy warranty. If your portable AC unit breaks, or you’re unsatisfied for any reason, then you should be able to request a complete refund with no questions asked. Some manufacturer stand behind their products, while others do not.

After carefully considering all of the ranking factors above, we compiled our ranking of the world’s best portable air cooling systems.

Where to Use a Portable AC Unit

You can use a portable AC unit anywhere you need cool, clean, and refreshing air. With large and small portable AC units available, it’s easy to use the portable AC units for everything from small office spaces to larger apartments and homes.

Some of the best places to use a portable AC unit include:

  • Bedrooms
  • Dorm rooms
  • Apartments and condos
  • Offices
  • Small and large homes
  • Outdoor spaces or tents

Most portable AC units above do not require a source of power; instead, you can charge the portable unit and take it on the go wherever you need. If you want to stay cool when camping, for example, then you can do that with a good portable AC unit.

How Do Portable AC Units Work?

Portable AC units work in different ways to keep air cool. Some portable AC units simply use fans to blow air at you, helping you stay cool. Others use a combination of a water tank and ice box to keep you cool. Meanwhile, some of the higher-end units use compressors and exhaust hoses to pump cool air into your home.

Here are the types of portable AC units and how they work:

Evaporative Coolers: Most of the portable AC units listed above use the power of evaporation to lower temperatures. Evaporation is a chemical reaction that requires heat. When hot air encounters a wet surface, the hot air draws moisture from the surface, transferring heat into the surface. Many portable AC units use a water curtain or water tank with ice cubes to maximize this evaporation process. Hot, dry air enters one side of the unit, and wet, cool air exits the other end of the unit. It’s basic air cooling without the cost of a traditional home AC system.

Fan-Based Coolers: Some coolers don’t use water at all. Some portable coolers simply use the mechanical action of fans to keep you at a comfortable temperature. Fans blow air towards your body at different speeds to keep you cool. If you already live in a humid environment – say, in the eastern or southeastern United States during summer – then adding humidity to the air doesn’t help. Fan-based coolers take advantage of the humidity that’s already in the air, generating air currents that lower temperatures. As the air hits your skin, the same evaporation process occurs: the air encounters the water on your skin, sucking away moisture and heat while leaving you feeling cool.

Exhaust Fan and Compressor-Based AC Units: Some of the higher-end portable AC units above use compressors and exhaust fans to lower temperatures in your home. Typically priced at $400 and above, these AC units are effective for larger spaces. The unit uses an exhaust vent to the outside world to pump warm air out of the house, lowering temperatures inside. Most units also use compressors and other air conditioning equipment to cool air as it cycles through the system. As warm air leaves your home and cool air enters, temperatures inevitably drop.

Why Buy a Portable Air Conditioner? Top 10 Advantages

Portable air conditioner technology has improved significantly in recent years. Here are some of the best reasons to buy a portable air conditioning system today:

No Installation Required: Maybe you’re renting an apartment. Maybe you don’t want to install a costly home HVAC system. Whatever the reason, you can enjoy portable air conditioners because there’s no installation required. Just charge the portable AC unit, then let it run. IT’s that easy.

Portable and Convenient: Portable air conditioners are, understandably, designed to be portable. They’re easy to carry around with you from room to room. Instead of getting hot temperatures in one room and cool temperatures in another, you can maintain the same, cool temperatures anywhere you go.

Air Filtration: Summer air can be filled with particles. Depending on where you live, it could be rife with forest fire smoke, smog, and other airborne contaminants. Many of the best portable air conditioning systems filter the air using UV light, carbon filters, and other filtration technology. You can enjoy cool and clean air wherever you go.

Avoid the Dryness of Ordinary AC Systems: Most portable AC systems work by adding moisture to the air instead of removing it. Many people have scratchy throats and other issues all summer because of the dryness of home AC systems. With portable AC systems, that’s not an issue.

Works Anywhere – Even at Campsites and Off-the-Grid: You can bring a portable AC system wherever you go – even if you’re hundreds of miles away from a power source. All portable AC units can be charged using an electrical outlet. Some can be charged using a laptop or portable battery bank. Some of the best units last for 12 hours per charge. That means you can enjoy cool temperatures whether you’re in your backyard or pitching a tent at the top of a mountain.

Save Money and Avoid High Electricity Bills: Summer temperatures can send electricity bills soaring. Portable AC units help you save money and avoid high utility bills all summer long. Instead of paying to cool your entire home, you can use an energy-efficient device to cool the area immediately around you. Plus, portable AC units themselves are cost-effective, with most units priced under $100 apiece. You won’t find cheaper cooling.

Quiet for Better Sleeps, TV Watching, and Home Offices: Portable AC units tend to be very quiet. Plus, most units have multiple settings. If you’re sleeping, watching TV, or working from home, then you can enjoy powerful cooling effectiveness without loud noise.

Easy and Lightweight for Anyone to Use: Some air conditioners are portable, but they’re still heavy to carry around. Other portable AC units, however, are easy to use and lightweight. Instead of lugging around a device that weighs hundreds of pounds, you can easily carry an AC unit from room to room.

Add Ice Cubes for Arctic Temperatures: Want to enjoy the coolest possible temperatures this summer? Add ice cubes to your portable AC unit to maximize cooling. Most water tank-based cooling systems let you add ice cubes to lower temperatures. As hot air passes over the ice water, it creates an Arctic-level of cooling inside your home. You won’t find better cooling at a cheaper price.

Buy Multiple Units for Multiple Rooms and Family Members: Most portable AC units listed above are priced at $80 to $120 per unit. However, the price drops as low as $50 to $70 per unit when ordering multiple coolers. Some people buy multiple units to cool multiple rooms, while others buy one cooler for each member of the family.

How Evaporative Air Conditioners Work

Evaporative air conditioners use the power of evaporation to draw heat from the air while adding moisture.

Here’s how a good evaporative air conditioner works:

  • Step 1) You charge up the air conditioner or plug it in, then turn it on.
  • Step 2) The unit begins to draw hot, dry air into one side using a fan.
  • Step 3) The hot, dry air encounters a water curtain or water tank in the middle of the air conditioner. As the hot, dry air passes over this moisture, it sucks moisture from the surface and creates evaporation, which requires heat. Heat leaves the air, and moisture enters the air.
  • Step 4) Air exits the other end of the portable air conditioner as cool, clean, refreshing air. The unit blows the air around your home at different speeds.

That’s it! Although each portable AC unit works in a slightly different way, most use a similar process to keep temperatures cool around you.

FAQs About Portable Air Conditioners

We get plenty of questions about portable air conditioners and how they work. Here’s how our experts answered some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the best portable air conditioner?

A: The best portable air conditioners include ChillWell AC, Ice House Portable AC, and HydroBoost Portable AC, among others.

Q: How do portable air conditioners work?

A: Most small, portable air conditioners use evaporative cooling to release heat from the air and add moisture, lowering temperatures before expelling cool air through the other side.

Q: What size of portable air conditioner do I need?

A: A 7,500 BTU portable air conditioner covers 200 square feet of space, or a good-sized bedroom or office space. A 14,000 BTU unit should cool roughly 500 square feet of space, or the average living room and kitchen area.

Q: Do I need to install anything to use a portable air conditioner?

A: You should be able to use a portable air conditioner without installing anything. Just plug in the portable air conditioner, add water, and turn it on.

Q: Do I need a window or outside access to use a portable AC unit?

A: Most portable AC Units work without needing outside access or windows. The units work by cycling air through to keep it cool, regardless of the source of the air.

Q: Are portable AC units a waste of electricity?

A: Most portable AC units are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. They also tend to use significantly less electricity than home air conditioning systems and similar systems.

Q: Do portable AC units leak water?

A: Portable AC units should not leak water when used correctly. However, they may leak water when tipped over, if water is in the tank.

Q: What is SEER in air conditioners?

A: Air conditioners use Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) to classify energy efficiency. Higher ratings mean better energy efficiency. Ideally, your home AC system has a SEER of 13 to 16, with the top units have ratings of 20 or better.

Q: How do I cool my home without air conditioning?

A: Portable AC units make it easy to cool your home without AC. Instead of using a whole-home air condition system, you can simply plug in your portable AC unit wherever you like to enjoy cool air on the go.

Q: How much do portable air conditioners cost?

A: You can find an average portable air conditioner for $70 to $150. Meanwhile, higher-end devices are priced at $400 and up.

Q: Are portable AC units safe to use?

A: Portable AC units are safe to use. Most use basic technology to suck in air, spread cool air around your home, and keep temperatures cool all summer long. AC units also need to meet certain consumer product safety standards by law.

Q: Where do I buy a portable air conditioner?

A: You can buy a portable air conditioner from online stores, official websites, and retail outlets. The best way to avoid retail overhead costs and middlemen fees is to buy online.

Q: Are portable AC units loud?

A: Good portable AC units are designed to be efficient, which means they make minimal noise.

Q: Do portable air conditioners release carbon monoxide?

A: Portable air conditioners do not release carbon monoxide. The only reason a portable air conditioner could release carbon monoxide is if the intake air hose is next to a source of carbon monoxide (like a grill or a portable generator).

Q: Do I need to vent my portable AC unit?

A: Most high-end portable AC units require venting, but some work without venting. Most of the cheaper options ($70 to $150) listed above require no venting whatsoever.

Q: Do portable AC units really keep me cool?

A: Yes, portable AC units use proven technology, including the basic science of evaporation, to keep you cool all summer long.

Final Word

Thanks to technology, good portable AC units are cheaper and easier than ever.

If you want to stay cool for under $100, then you can do so with good portable AC units. Some of the top-ranked units sold online today create Arctic-level temperatures in your home for a fraction of the price of traditional HVAC systems.

To learn more about portable AC units or to pick the best option for your unique needs, check our ranking of the best portable AC units above.


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