Best Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements & Gummies Brands

Apple cider vinegar supplements are some of the most popular products today.

This simple yet powerful ingredient has various benefits for our health, ranging from lowering blood sugar levels, improving digestion, detoxifying your body, skin health, or helping with weight loss.

Most people consume apple cider every day by taking a shot in the morning before breakfast. Those who cannot stand the taste can dilute it down in a glass of water or try an ACV supplement. The apple cider vinegar taste is almost gone when it’s in a pill or gummy form.

Since there are so many apple cider vinegar supplements on the market, finding the best with active ingredients and proven formulas is tough.

Our team is here to help you navigate the supplement world, where claims can get thrown around and dosages matter. We put together a list of the best supplements you need to try in 2022. We also tried to answer all your possible questions about apple cider vinegar supplements available today.

The Top Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies & Pills in 2022

All apple cider vinegar supplements will claim to give you a strong dose of ACV for maximum benefit and effectiveness. However, not all ACV supplements, gummies, and products are equal. We gathered all the data from manufacturers, studies, and reviews to outline the best products in the industry that will do something for your health.

Here’s how we ranked the best ACV supplements of 2022:

  • Essential Elements ACV Gummy
  • Primal Harvest ACV Gummies
  • Cymbiotika ACV Gummies
  • Seedwell ACV Gut Health
  • Goli ACV Gummies
  • VitaPost ACV Pure
  • Oweli Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Paleovalley Apple Cider Vinegar Complex
  • EnzyMedica Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
  • EnzyMedica Apple Cider Vinegar Pills
  • My Obvi ACV Gummies
  • Nature’s Nutrition
  • Keto Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
  • Bragg ACV Capsules
  • Approved Science Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
  • Dakota Organic ACV Gummies
  • MaryRuths ACV
  • Zhou Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Havasu Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
  • MyKind Organic ACV Gummies
  • Yumi ACV Gummies
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Detox

Essential Elements ACV Gummy


One of the best products on our list is Essential Elements. Their ACV gummies feature 1000 mg of ACV per serving per day. The supplement has pure apple cider vinegar from “the mother.” As people and research have shown, it’s one of the best for a reason.

The formula is enriched with a complementary vitamin B complex to help your body absorb ACV and sustain all functions that keep you healthy and strong. Aside from vitamins and the high dosage of ACV, they also added a red apple flavor to make the gummies taste better and offer consumers a more pleasant experience with the brand.

Although a bottle of 60 gummies costs only $24.99, you can trust that Essential Elements is a supplement from a reputable company that prioritizes quality and research over marketing claims.

Primal Harvest ACV Gummies


From Primal Harvest, we have another gummy ACV supplement. These gummies are life-changing, enriched with super ingredients that support your immunity digestion and help with weight loss.

Like many others, you cannot taste the ACV at all, and they’re also gluten-free, gelatin-free, and vegan. The perfect supplement. It’s also manufactured in the United States, making it easy to buy and return.

On the label, you’ll see that aside from ACV, the formula contains a blend of pomegranate, acerola, citric acid, beetroot, and apple pectin, among other ingredients that are there to support a healthy body and maximum benefits.

Cymbiotika ACV Gummies


Another popular and highly rated ACV supplement comes from Cymbiotika. Their gummies are backed by plenty of reviews and love from customers that have tried them. The supplement is made with organic and fermented apple cider vinegar. It’s also a vegetarian capsule, meaning that it won’t clash with your diet or intolerances.

The manufacturer added Vitamin B1 and chromium to the formula of this supplement, enhancing the effects of ACV, improving blood sugar levels, boosting your metabolism, and helping you control your weight better, among other benefits.

The price for a one-month prescription will cost you $38 for a bottle with 60 capsules. These gummies are more expensive than what you can generally find on the market and our list, yet people buy them and swear by them, which is one of the reasons we included them here.

Seedwell ACV Gut Health

Seedwell ACV Gut Health is a 3-in-1 complex supplement formulated with apple cider vinegar, probiotics, and prebiotics. The product targets gut health, weight management, and a more energized body.

Seedwell is different because a world-class medical board formulates it and a group of supplement specialists focused on designing an effective supplement with multiple benefits.

Although it’s a premium product, the Seedwell ACV Gut Health supplement only costs $33 per bottle. They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee because they trust the product and the holistic formula.

Goli ACV Gummies

From Goli Nutrition, we have these apple cider vinegar gummies enriched with natural fruit extracts for maximum health benefits. Because no one likes the taste of ACV, these gummies have a fresh and sweet apple flavor.

Goli Nutrition proudly makes the supplements in California with US-sourced ingredients. These ACV supplements will support your body in improving various functions such as heart health, gut health, inflammation, energy levels, and many others when taken daily.

The manufacturer added natural fruit extracts, including pomegranate, beetroot, citric acid, vitamin B12, vitamin B9, among other beneficial ingredients. Although Goli is a trendy and prominent name in the industry, a bottle of this ACV supplement costs only $19 for 60 capsules.

VitaPost ACV Pure

Vita Posts’ ACV Pure supplement serves 1300 mg of ACV daily with a very concentrated formula and fermented apple cider vinegar extract. All ingredients are naturally sourced, gluten-free and sugar-free.

Vita Post ACV Pure delivers the miraculous health benefits of apple cider vinegar without the nasty aftertaste by taking two capsules per day. This supplement comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule that has zero vinegary taste.

The formula is clean, with zero additives or harmful ingredients you wouldn’t want in your body, and it costs only $25 per bottle. It’s also made in the United States, making it safe and accessible.

Oweli Apple Cider Vinegar

Not all supplements are focused on a single ingredient, and the same goes for the Oweli Apple Cider Vinegar formula. It’s a general wellness supplement made with apple cider vinegar and other beneficial ingredients that support your body into being healthier and more robust.

The supplement will ensure a better immune response over time, optimize the absorption of essential nutrients, boost metabolism and reduce cravings so that you can lose the extra fat and start showing toned muscles when taken daily.

With a world-class and proven formula that promotes a healthy digestive system and natural weight management, Oweli offers quality for a very accessible price, $17.99 per bottle. They also added a blend of natural fruit extracts from pomegranate and beets and Vitamin B12 and B9 to support your wellness goals.

Paleovalley Apple Cider Vinegar Complex

Paleovalley’s Apple Cider Vinegar Complex delivers significant health benefits by combining a formula based on apple cider vinegar and superfoods. When taken daily, the supplement nourishes your body and supports the most critical functions from digestion, circulation, detox, or weight loss.

The four superfoods found in this formula are organic turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and lemon. They all have various benefits, ranging from reducing inflammation, lowering blood sugar levels, detoxifying your body, or boosting metabolism. It’s also a gluten-free, non-GMO, and no filler formula.

The pure supplement offered by Paleovalley is a top-rated product with proven results. A bottle of this supplement will cost you $34.99 for a monthly subscription. It’s a higher-end supplement, yet people rave about its benefits and effects on and on, so it might be worth the price.

EnzyMedica Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Containing the equivalent of 1 fl. oz of liquid apple cider vinegar in each serving, EnzyMedica Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies deliver a strong dose of ACV for maximum benefits and absorption.

These gummies are made with apple cider vinegar extract from the mother, meaning that they will deliver maximum benefits with each dose. As mentioned by the manufacturer, each bottle contains the equivalent of 12 red apples, coming from organic USA-grown farms and enriched with vitamin B12.

By taking these gummies, your body gets its daily dose of ACV and, as the saying goes, keeps the doctor away for only $23.99 per month. A very affordable and easy way to take the supplement in a gummy form.

EnzyMedica Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

Another variant of the famous Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies listed above is the EnzyMedica Apple Cider Vinegar Pills, made specifically for those who want the supplement in a pill form, not gummies.

Although it’s in a more convenient formula, each dose is the equivalent of 1 fl. oz. of liquid ACV, and the bottle contains the equivalent of 10 red apples. However, the claims are similar and the promised results as well.

This formula will help your body’s natural detox functions, as well as weight loss support, and improve circulation while lowering blood sugar levels: no sour taste, no ACV aftertaste, all for $29.99 only.

My Obvi ACV Gummies

A trendy and beloved ACV supplement comes from Obvi. This supplement is specially designed to deliver the benefits of ACV but with a sugar-free, gluten-free, and accessible price and formula.

My Obvi ACV Gummies cost $19.99, and their pink and red branding make them some of the trendiest supplements on the market. No aftertaste, no nasty ingredients, only outstanding results, and vegan formula.

Aside from the high dose of ACV, My Obvi formula has added ingredients that support health, improve digestion and reduce belly fat. These ingredients are pomegranate juice powder, beet juice powder, and a collection of vitamins and minerals. It’s no wonder people love these gummies so much.

Nature’s Nutrition

From Nature’s Nutrition, we have an ACV supplement that is very popular among people on the internet. The main differentiator of this product is that it combines two trends into one product: keto diet effects and ACV benefits.

Offering a dose of 1000mg of ACV and 100mcg of beetroot powder, this supplement will help you burn fat for energy and give up to 225% more energy. Aside from that, it also cubs appetite, lowers blood sugar levels, and boosts your metabolism. You can call them “Magic gummies.”

Due to these claims, the company markets the supplement as a “30-day ketosis supplement” that can quickly transform your weight loss journey. The biggest downside of this highly praised supplement is the price. Nature’s Nutrition sells them exclusively online for $120 per bottle. The listed price is $6.96, but if you add all the extra charges and taxes, it quickly adds up to $120.

Keto Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Another popular gummy supplement focused on delivering keto benefits is the Keto Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. The manufacturer claims that the product is clinically proven to help weight loss while providing other health benefits.

Keto Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies will help you go into ketosis and then start burning fat for energy. The supplement will also improve your skin’s appearance, curb your appetite and detoxify your system from all the toxins when taken daily.

This combination of ingredients makes the supplement a perfect aid if you want to be healthier and lose weight. The price for one month’s prescription is $62.50 for a bottle of 30 gummies. Not the cheapest option, but you have to consider it’s a keto booster supplement.

Bragg ACV Capsules

From one of the most popular brands on this plant, Bragg, we have an ACV supplement highly rated and loved by many people. The California-based company has a long history of selling high-quality natural products.

Bragg’s apple cider vinegar supplement contains a combination of 750mg of acetic acid and a blend of vitamin D3 and Zinc, which are meant to help you stay healthier for longer, lose weight, lower blood sugar levels or boost your immunity.

Bragg’s is one of the top-rated ACV supplements in the industry. A bottle consisting of 90 capsules costs only $19.95 for a monthly prescription. Its popularity comes from the multiple reviews and its effectiveness.

Approved Science Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

With a vegan and non-GMO formula, the ACV supplement from Approved Science claims to have an advanced formula that is proven to deliver visible results. Made with apple cider vinegar from the mother, two capsules are the equivalent of an ACV shot but with zero aftertastes.

This supplement has a formula based on apple cider vinegar and black pepper extract to increase absorption and maximize benefits. On top of that, the gummies are also enriched with beetroot, pomegranate, carrot juice extract, and vitamins.

The retail price for these gummies is $49.95, making them some of the most expensive ACV gummies on our list. For this price, you’ll get a supplement that is made with certified high-quality ingredients in a potent formula.

Dakota Organic ACV Gummies

Dakota Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies is a vegan supplement specially formulated to help your body with its natural detoxifying function and improve digestion. You will feel and look better with consistent use by doing all these.

Like most ACV supplements that claim to help you feel better and stay healthier, this formula from Dakota Organic contains a mix of apple cider vinegar as well as beetroot extract, vitamins, and minerals.

The product is backed by over 8300 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. This puts Dakota Organics ACV Gummies among the top-rated products on our list. Each package contains two bottles (120 capsules total) of Dakota Organic ACV Gummies.

MaryRuths ACV

With a fresh apple flavor, the gummies from Mary Ruth can be the right choice for you. With a formula that is gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO, these gummies cost only $14.95, making them one of the best-value options on our list.

For maximum absorption and efficiency, the manufacturer added minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, vitamin A, C, E, and B complex, Beetroot extract, pomegranate juice, and of course, apple cider vinegar.

Mary Ruth’s ACV gummies are based on a proven formula that can significantly help your body become healthier and more robust. And since the price is so reasonable, this supplement is by far one of the best choices for your health and wallet.

Zhou Apple Cider Vinegar

Having a certified formula or good quality ingredients can help the product sell itself. The gummies from Zhou made with apple cider vinegar from the mother is a USDA Organic certified supplement.

Thousands of good reviews back it on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This supplement ticks all the boxes with a reasonable price, natural and organic ingredients, proven formula, and good reviews. It’s one of the best choices for ACV supplements, and that is why we included it in our list. A Zhou Apple Cider Vinegar bottle costs only $12.99, almost unheard of in this industry.

Havasu Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Havasu Nutrition claims that its apple cider vinegar gummies will help you cleanse, detoxify and lose weight effectively. The supplement aims to be the perfect ally for those on a journey to become a healthier version.

By taking two gummies per day, usually in the morning, your body will benefit from all the miraculous effects of an age-old remedy of apple cider vinegar, with zero aftertastes. These gummies have a natural and pleasant apple flavor.

The price is also attractive. A bottle of 60 gummies, the equivalent of a monthly subscription, will cost you only $17. The supplement is backed by over 5000 good reviews and a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. This makes the gummies from Havasu Nutrition a popular option for anyone interested in the benefits of ACV.

MyKind Organic ACV Gummies

The supplement from MyKind Organic is another organic ACV product enriched with super ingredients from certified sources that will significantly help you feel better and more energized.

As part of the Garden of Life family of products, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Energy Gummies contain a blend of apple cider vinegar mixed with coffeeberry, green tea, and vitamins and minerals.

It’s the perfect supplement to help you boost your energy levels due to the presence of caffeine, boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Aside from certified ingredients, the formula is also free of artificial colors and genetically modified organisms. A bottle of MyKind Organics ACV gummies costs $18.72 for 63 capsules.

Yumi ACV Gummies

Last but not least, we saved an ACV supplement that checks all boxes. It has the best price you can get, only $10.15 for a bottle of 60 gummies, supports weight loss and a better functioning body, and is a gluten-free and non-GMO formula.

The ACV gummies from Yumi are, by far, the best choice for anyone curious to try the miraculous benefits of apple cider vinegar. This formula is also enriched with vitamins, minerals, pomegranate, and beet juice powder that aim to detoxify your body and support a cleanse.

Each serving of Yumi’s ACV Gummies contains 1000mg of weight management and ACV complex, making it strong enough to compete with top-ranked options on our list, but at a better price.

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox is the only product on our list that isn’t technically an apple cider vinegar product or supplement. It’s a guide that outlines how you can use apple cider vinegar to detoxify your body.

Apple cider vinegar can be used in its liquid form to treat various conditions and help your body detoxify. In this guide, you can discover all sorts of recipes, cleansing methods, and the most effective ways to use apple cider vinegar to detoxify your body.

Our grandparents have used these recipes and techniques for decades to treat all sorts of problems with excellent results. Apple Cider Vinegar Detox is one of the best guides available online, and you can get it online for only $15.

How We Ranked The Top Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies & Pills

In this article, we wanted to be fully transparent and only mention the apple cider supplements that are good and reliable. To separate the best ACV supplements from the rest, we used the following ranking factors:

Dosage and Quality

Some of the ACV supplements on the market have high doses of the extract, most of them containing apple cider vinegar from the mother, while others have lower amounts. If you’re looking to buy a supplement, look for a 5% to 6% acetic acid concentration. Any less than that, and you’ll be drinking pills or eating gummies with little to no effect and benefits. A good supplement will have a daily dose equal one shot of apple cider vinegar.

Presence of Mother of Vinegar

We mentioned “apple cider vinegar from the mother” in this article. “The mother” is a biofilm containing probiotics, good bacteria, and other healthful compounds for those who don’t know. Most supplements mentioned in our list contain apple cider vinegar from the mother, some in higher doses than others.

Complementary Ingredients

Aside from the apple cider vinegar extract in higher doses, our team also considered the supplements with an added blend of complementary ingredients. We believe that a formula enriched with vitamins, fruit extracts, and minerals will significantly help ACV get absorbed in your body for maximum benefits.

Organic Certification

Apple cider vinegar comes from naturally fermented apples. We analyzed and focused on supplements that mention where the apples came from and if they were organic or not. Avoiding pesticides in the apples will ensure that the ACV will be pure and not contaminated. In our opinion, an ACV supplement with organic certification is essential if you’re going to start taking it daily.

Taste, Flavor, and Texture

Another crucial aspect our team considered was the taste of the gummies or the pills. No one wants to take capsules or gummies that leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste or that have a fake flavor and a weird texture. We tasted the ACV supplements wherever possible, considering flavor and texture in our rankings.

Formulated by Nutritionists, Medical Doctors, and Other Professionals

Since the supplement market is not highly regulated, some manufacturers can make exaggerated claims or mislead by using marketing terms. We tried to rank supplements backed by studies, nutritionists, or medical doctors to ensure effective formula.

Money-back Guarantee Option

If the manufacturer offers you a 30, 60, or even 180-day money-back guarantee, then you can rest assured that in most cases, the formula is good and tested. No one will risk losing money and reputation over fake claims. All reputable ACV supplement companies have a money-back guarantee or refund policy and were included in our list.

Quality of Inactive Ingredients

Our team researched each active and inactive ingredient listed by the manufacturer. Many supplements have vitamins or fruit extracts, and we considered only those with high enough doses and high-quality ingredients. Our team also considered the quality of inactive ingredients like flavors and emulsifiers. We checked if the supplement used cheap, animal-sourced gelatin to create the gummies, if the company took shortcuts using artificial flavors and colors, or if the company used high-quality inactive ingredients with minimal fillers.

Transparent Advertised Health Benefits

Some supplement companies exaggerate their marketing claims and benefits because a good marketing strategy can significantly boost sales. We preferred to look at fully transparent companies with their advertised health benefits. ACV supplements can help immensely, but they cannot cure cancer or cause instant weight loss.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Our team tried to test as many of the supplements as possible. However, we also considered the reviews and ratings for each ACV supplement. We only regarded good products, from a trustworthy manufacturer, with a strong reputation and thousands of reviews.

Manufacturer Reputation & Transparency

We tried to consider ACV supplements from manufacturers that disclose locations and are fully transparent with their studies, certifications, and whatnot. Supplements from companies like Brags are well known for being trustworthy and high-quality.

Price & Value

Although vinegar is pretty cheap and easy to produce, some supplements are pricey. There is no reason to pay premium prices for supplements with only ACV. The price increase can be justified if the manufacturer adds other ingredients or has an innovative formula. Most top-ranked ACV supplements on our list were priced between $15 and $30 per bottle. We also considered price and overall value in our rankings, making it easy for buyers of all budgets to buy the best ACV supplements.

Top 10 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements

People take apple cider supplements daily because they claim to help with certain benefits. These are the most common Top 10 benefits of taking ACV supplements:

  • It helps lower bad cholesterol
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Supports weight loss
  • May provide anti-cancer benefits
  • Have natural germ-killing properties
  • Support heart health and general cardiovascular health
  • Contain natural antioxidants and polyphenols that lower inflammation in your body
  • It helps your body naturally detoxify and cleanse
  • Improves digestion
  • Help with skin conditions

Below, we’ll evaluate the science behind each of these claims to determine if ACV is a proven health tonic – or if it’s a complete myth.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits: What Does Science Say?

Multiple studies show the benefits of apple cider vinegar, ranging from weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels, improving digestion, and many others. We are here to debunk the benefits and help you figure out if ACV supplements are for you.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural product rich in compounds not common in nature and other foods. The acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar is also rich in antioxidants and good bacteria to improve your health. ACV is not that rich in minerals and vitamins, so a supplement with other ingredients added to the formula will help.

Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can help kill the harmful bacteria in your digestive system. It is known that apple cider vinegar has been used to clean wounds, get rid of lice, or remove nail fungus, among other issues. Today, we use apple cider vinegar for internal benefits such as detox, reducing inflammation, and others.

Some companies also use ACV as a food preservative because apple cider vinegar inhibits the growth of bacteria like E. coli that would spoil food, for example. That makes apple cider vinegar a natural way to preserve food as well. Researchers tested the anti-microbial properties of vinegar by applying it to arugula laced with salmonella and found that a combination of lemon juice and vinegar decreased the growth of salmonella. After a few minutes, the salmonella bacteria were undetectable after using the combination formula.

ACV supplements are trendy among people who have diabetes. Many people with this incurable condition take ACV supplements daily to help them manage blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that ACV supplements help lower blood sugar levels naturally in diabetes patients.

In a small study, researchers found that apple cider vinegar improved insulin sensitivity by 19% to 34% during a high-carb meal while lowering blood sugar and insulin response. In another study, researchers found out that apple cider vinegar reduced blood sugar by 31.4% after eating 50g of white bread.

A different study showed that people with diabetes who took two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day before bed had a 4% lower fasting blood sugar the following day.

Although some people have criticized these studies for their small size and limited scope, many people who have diabetes continue to take ACV shots and ACV supplements daily for their health benefits.

Another great use of ACV supplements is for weight loss purposes. Many researchers have studied it a lot, and it’s a good use of ACV. Taken daily, an ACV shot or supplement can help with weight loss. You won’t lose 50 lbs in 3 weeks, but consistent use makes the effects visible. ACV can also help you feel fuller after a high-carb meal and reduce your calorie intake. Studies have shown that people who take ACV with a meal eat 200 to 275 fewer calories than those who don’t. And since ACV helps lower blood sugar levels, it also curbs appetite, which is crucial for weight loss.

Heart disease is the world’s leading cause of death in many countries, including the United States. Some people take ACV supplements because it helps their cardiovascular system. Researchers found out that apple cider vinegar lowered cholesterol and reduced blood pressure and triglyceride levels in animals. These studies have been conducted on animals, not humans; therefore, many people are skeptical about their relevance.

With this in mind, we aim to be fully transparent, so we will talk about studies that have not shown positive results of ACV supplements. A study found that applying apple cider vinegar topically to the skin increased skin irritation significantly without improving the skin barrier in any way. Additionally, applying vinegar on your body could cause burns, especially when using higher concentrations or volumes and sun exposure. Remember that ACV is an acid that will react when applied on skin exposed to UV rays.

Another far-fetched claim is that apple cider vinegar has anti-cancer effects. This claim is linked to a study conducted in China that found people who frequently consumed vinegar had much lower rates of esophageal cancer. Unfortunately, there’s limited evidence that vinegar is linked to anti-cancer properties in any way. Additionally, participants in that study mostly consumed rice vinegar and not apple cider vinegar, so the cancer-fighting benefits of apple cider vinegar remain disputed. In any case, do not use ACV supplements instead of medicine and therapy.

People also use apple cider vinegar to reduce allergies, whiten teeth, soothe sunburns, and relieve pain. However, there’s little scientific evidence validating any of these uses; therefore, you should not take them for good.

Some apple cider vinegar companies advertise their health benefits to attract more customers and boost sales. Bragg, one of the world’s best-known apple cider vinegar makers, claims the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can help lower appetite and manage weight gain, help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. These claims have some truth in them, but they will not help you become healthier and slimmer without any effort, exercise and dieting.

ACV Supplement Side Effects

Like any other supplements with health implications, there can be side effects for those who might have allergies, intolerance, or high doses. When healthy adults use standard dosages, apple cider vinegar supplements are not linked to significant side effects. As long as you follow the dosage instructions on your ACV supplement, you should be able to enjoy the supplement without worrying about side effects.

However, some people may experience mild side effects when taking ACV supplements, including:

  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Digestive difficulties
  • Unpleasant aftertaste
  • Mild esophagus burn
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Flatulence

Always talk to your doctor before taking an ACV supplement if you have a medical condition or are currently taking any medication.

Apple cider vinegar shots can accentuate the side effects in high doses or consistent use. This is why people prefer pills or gummies, with no side effects and zero aftertastes. If you’re using apple cider vinegar as a topical skin treatment, it could lead to burns and physical damage, so be careful when using apple cider vinegar on your skin as a treatment.

Apple cider vinegar can also cause reactions with certain drugs, including diuretics and insulin. To avoid any adverse reactions, make sure to read the label or talk to a doctor before taking any ACV supplements.

ACV Supplement Dosage

A very crucial aspect of ACV supplements is the dosage. You cannot overdose and die from apple cider vinegar or have harmful side effects, yet if the dosage is too low in the supplement, you’ll see zero results. And if the dosage is too high, you’ll experience some side effects such as nausea, stomach issues, or esophagus burns.

Apple cider vinegar supplements contain different concentrations of the active ingredient, so there isn’t a benchmark in this industry. As recommended, most people follow the “one shot of ACV” per day.

If you decide to take apple cider vinegar shots daily, you can dilute it in a glass of water to avoid burns, teeth sensitivity, and stomach pain. Most experts recommend taking 1 to 2 teaspoons (or 5ml to 10ml) to 1 to 2 tablespoons (or 15ml to 30ml) 2 to 3 times per day.

Most apple cider vinegar supplements, pills, and gummies have a dose equivalent to 1 shot of ACV per serving. Most supplements, including those in our list, follow that rule. In other words, every two tablets or two gummy servings is equivalent to roughly one shot of liquid ACV.

FAQs About ACV Supplementation

We know that many people have all sorts of questions about ACV supplements and their health benefits. We responded to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is apple cider vinegar?

A: Apple cider vinegar is vinegar made from fermented apple juice. It’s rich in acetic acid and other natural compounds as well as probiotics.

Q: How do I use apple cider vinegar?

A: Most people use apple cider vinegar in marinades, vinaigrettes, and other foods. However, some people use apple cider vinegar in chutneys or food preservatives, while some drink apple cider vinegar shots for various health benefits.

Q: How do I make apple cider vinegar?

A: You can make apple cider vinegar at home by following these steps: crush some apples, squeeze out the juice, and then just add bacteria and yeast to the liquid to kickstart the alcoholic fermentation process. The yeast converts the sugars into alcohol. Then, acetic acid-forming bacteria that you added to the juice convert the alcohol into vinegar. It’s a process that takes a few days and can be done safely at home.

Q: What does apple cider vinegar taste like?

A: Apple cider vinegar tastes like a combination of apples and ordinary vinegar. It has a sour and tangy taste that some people love, and others hate. It can be used in marinades, salad dressing, and even cocktails. If you like the taste, you can add it to everything.

Q: What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

A: People take apple cider vinegar for weight loss, blood sugar management, cholesterol, and skin health, among other claimed benefits. It also helps with digestion, detox, and energy levels.

Q: Is apple cider vinegar safe?

A: Yes. Many studies show that low-level consumption of apple cider vinegar is safe with little to zero side effects. However, excessive consumption of apple cider vinegar is linked to esophageal damage, tooth enamel erosion, and flatulence, among other issues. Remember that apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid in 5% or 6% concentrations that can cause sensitivity or mild burns.

Q: What is the mother of vinegar?

A: The mother of vinegar is a biofilm made from cellulose and acetic acid bacteria. The mother develops as the liquid is fermenting. When combined with oxygen, the mother helps to turn alcohol into acetic acid, creating vinegar. It’s safe and very beneficial for your health, hence its use in most supplements.

Q: Do store-bought vinegar have the mother of vinegar?

A: Most store-bought vinegar does not have the mother of vinegar inside, as they are pasteurized and free of non-fermented sugars and alcohols. However, if there are non-fermented sugars or alcohols leftover, they could form a mother of vinegar. Generally, the mother of vinegar is more common in unpasteurized vinegar. Check the labels or look out for vinegar from the mother in stores or markets.

Q: Is the mother of vinegar safe?

A: Yes. Although the mother of vinegar looks gross, it’s completely harmless. You can use the vinegar around the mother of vinegar without any issues, and you don’t need to get rid of a bottle of vinegar because the mother of vinegar developed. Filter it out (say, using a coffee filter) or ignore it.

Q: What is apple cider vinegar with mother?

A: When apple cider vinegar is unfiltered and unrefined, it’s called apple cider vinegar with mother. Some people drink this particular type of vinegar because it leads to more significant health benefits.

Q: How does apple cider vinegar work?

A: Apple cider vinegar gets its properties from the acetic acid and other beneficial compounds within the liquid. It’s rich in prebiotics, antioxidants, and some minerals.

Q: Can I drink apple cider vinegar every day?

A: Yes, studies show that you can drink apple cider vinegar daily without health issues or side effects. However, stick to the recommended dosage on your ACV supplement, which is 1-2 pills/gummies per day or a shot of apple cider vinegar per day. If you don’t like the taste of ACV but want to enjoy its benefits, you can dilute the shot in a glass of water.

Q: When should I take an ACV supplement?

A: Most people take ACV supplements before a meal to support digestion. However, you can take ACV supplements after a meal at any time of day.

Q: Is apple cider vinegar good for a detox?

A: Apple cider vinegar is a natural detoxification aid, and many people take apple cider vinegar daily to detoxify the body.

Q: Are ACV supplements good for the skin?

A: Many ACV supplement companies advertise their products specifically for supporting skin health, among other benefits. Additionally, apple cider vinegar was traditionally used as a skin toner, and some people use ACV supplements to help with pimples, skin redness, and skin softness. It can be used directly on your skin or as a supplement.

Q: Is apple cider vinegar the best type of vinegar?

A: All vinegar contains acetic acid, which is purported to give ACV its health benefits. However, some people like apple cider vinegar precisely because of the added sweetness and flavor.

Q: Can ACV help with weight loss?

A: Studies show that apple cider vinegar could help with weight loss. In one study, participants drank 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar then lost weight compared to a control group. ACV helps with digestion and detox, linked to weight loss.

Q: Can ACV help with blood sugar?

A: Some studies show that ACV helps with blood sugar levels, stabilizing blood sugar in people with diabetes while providing anti-glycemic effects.

Q: Does apple cider vinegar kill germs?

A: Apple cider vinegar, like other types of vinegar, has natural antiseptic properties, which means it can help kill germs. It can be used as a cleaning product mixed with baking soda and lemon.

Q: Is ACV good for dandruff?

A: Some people use ACV as a home remedy for dandruff, although there’s limited scientific evidence proving ACV helps with dandruff. Test the patch before using it since apple cider vinegar can cause sensitivity.

Q: Is ACV good for teeth?

A: ACV may whiten and brighten teeth – just like other types of vinegar. However, vinegar is also acidic, eroding the enamel, which is the hard outer layer of your teeth. Although apple cider vinegar could temporarily make your teeth look better, consistent use can be disastrous for your teeth’ health. That’s why many people use ACV supplements instead of liquid vinegar. If you decide to drink ACV shots, dilute them with water to avoid damaging your teeth.

Q: Does ACV help with gut health?

A: ACV helps with gut health because it contains probiotics like Lactobacillus strains. You can see these microorganisms in the mother of vinegar. Many people take ACV supplements daily, specifically for gut health.

Q: Does ACV have antioxidants?

A: Apple cider vinegar contains antioxidants in the form of polyphenols. These polyphenols fight free radicals within the body. Free radicals are shown to help lower inflammation and fight disease. By taking apple cider vinegar daily, you can give your body valuable polyphenols to support inflammation throughout your body.

Q: Is ACV good for blood pressure?

A: Some early studies show that ACV is good for blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health, although we need more research to verify these benefits.

Q: How many ACV capsules should I take daily?

A: Most ACV supplement companies recommend taking one to two capsules, 2 to 3 times per day. However, supplement concentrations and doses vary widely, so always check the product label to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefits.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate my ACV supplement?

A: Most ACV supplements do not need to be refrigerated. However, check your ACV supplement label to make sure.

Q: Should I follow an apple cider vinegar cleanse?

A: You can find plenty of reports online of people using apple cider vinegar to cleanse the body. Apple cider vinegar may be a safe way to detox your body and remove toxins, so it’s safe to say that it can help your body be healthier with consistent use.

The Top Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies & Pills 2022 Final Word

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular natural products easily sourced and manufactured. More and more people are becoming interested in its benefits and use for a good reason. It’s widely available and full of health benefits for people of all ages.

A good ACV supplement lets you enjoy all of the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the unpleasant taste. You can buy gummies, capsules, and pills containing high doses of apple cider vinegar mixed with other complementary ingredients for maximum health benefits.

Check out any of the supplements we mentioned in this list to enjoy all the benefits of apple cider vinegar without any unpleasant aftertaste.


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