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Best Kratom Capsules: Top Brands to Buy in 2021

As you probably know, kratom is available in many forms. When powders, extracts, and tinctures aren’t doing the trick, you might consider capsules.

Want to learn more? Check out this comprehensive guide. We go over everything you need to know, including the best places to buy, dosage recommendations, and more.

Best Places to Buy Kratom Capsules For Sale

When it comes to buying capsules, it’s essential to only buy from vendors that offer safe, quality products. As reported by LA Weekly, many vendors will claim to have the best kratom capsules but sell products filled with adulterated, harmful powder.

Protect yourself by shopping from the three best kratom vendors below. All of our recommendations are AKA-certified, practice third-party testing, and have fantastic customer reviews.

Kona Kratom

This first vendor specializes in Southeast Asian variants, so its selection is wide. It sells all the popular strains like Maeng Da, Borneo, Malay, and more. Trust us when we say that there is something for everyone.

Another notable feature of Kona Kratom is that it’s as inexpensive as it gets. It uses its connections with the world’s top growers to source products for super cheap. As a result, customers enjoy low prices that they just can’t get with any other vendor.

So, if you want to save some money and shop an expansive collection, choose Kona Kratom today.

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Key Points

  • AKA (American Kratom Association) membership
  • Uses independent lab testing
  • Expansive product collection
  • Inexpensive
  • Connections with the world’s top growers

VIP Kratom

When you visit VIP Kratom’s site and view the pricing, you might conclude that it is the polar opposite of Kona Kratom. In a way, it is — the prices are much higher than the industry average.

However, the quality that VIP Kratom provides ultimately justifies the cost. Every strain in the collection contains 100% A-grade kratom, making for the most potent products available. Even the smallest dose will allow you to get the most out of your experience with the strain.

Because VIP Kratom focuses on quality rather than quantity, it has a slightly smaller product selection. But, there are still plenty of options available (including the best kratom capsules). So, if you want to experience the difference that premium strains make, shop with VIP Kratom today.

Key Points

  • Member of the AKA
  • Conducts third-party lab testing
  • 100% A-grade strains
  • Slightly smaller product selection and higher prices
  • A refined selection (some rare and exotic strains are available)

Star Kratom

You might find our last recommendation surprising — after all, Star Kratom is a baby compared to other suppliers. If it’s only been around since the start of 2020, how could it be a top contender?

In Star Kratom’s case, its newness isn’t a limitation — instead, it’s advantageous. It outdoes the competition thanks to its commitment to customer service. It ships out all products quickly and offers a money-back guarantee on all orders.

And, like all of our recommendations, Star Kratom is an active member of the AKA. It adheres to strict standards, ensuring all products are safe and effective. It also conducts third-party testing to build consumer confidence further. Additionally, like our first recommendation, Star Kratom has an extensive product selection. No matter which strain you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it here. Shop with this exceptional vendor today.

Key Points

  • A newer brand that launched at the start of 2020
  • Ships out all products quickly
  • Offers a money-back guarantee on all orders
  • An active member of the AKA
  • Conducts third-party testing
  • Extensive product selection

Kratom Capsules User Guide

Kratom can help naturally ease many ailments like muscle pain, anxiety, insomnia, and a general lack of energy. While the supplement is available in many forms, one of the most common is capsules.

Want to give capsules a try? See below for a complete user guide. We go over the pros of taking kratom capsules, give dosing advice, address safety concerns, and more.

Pros of Taking Kratom Capsules

Capsulated kratom powder is the most popular way to consume kratom powder for a reason. They are convenient, cost-effective, and reliable. As the market continues to grow, these products are becoming accessible in most parts of the world.

One of the main reasons why capsules are famous is because they mask the taste of kratom. In years past, users would chew the leaves of the kratom tree and just brace themselves for the unpleasant taste. Now, thanks to the coating on capsules, you don’t have to experience the taste at all.

Another pro of capsules is that they’re mess-free. If you’ve had any experience with powders, you’ll know how much of a benefit this is. Powders are easy to spill and waste when measuring and mixing in tea or with food. Capsules allow you to avoid this entire ordeal — just pop one in your mouth, drink water, and then you’re done.

Capsules also save a lot of time. Making tea using raw powder takes time and planning. You have to make the actual tea which takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes; then, you also need time to drink it. With capsules, you just have to swallow them.

They are also much easier to transport and store. If you’re on the go but want to take your powder with you, capsules are the easiest way. Kratom also has to be held in airtight containers and can lose freshness and beneficial properties if exposed to too much air. Containers get rid of this problem entirely because the powder stays sealed in the capsule container.

How Many Kratom Capsules to Take

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How many capsules to take completely depends on the size of the tablet and the individual user.

We recommend that a person who’s just beginning to take kratom should only take one to two grams of powder. For instance, consider you have capsules that are #00. This standard size holds 0.5 grams of powder. So, if you want to take 1 gram, you will need to take two #00 capsules.

Start with this small dose and see how it affects you. From there, you can gradually increase your amount if you start to build a tolerance or want to experience different effects.

If you’ve been using the powder for a while and understand how it affects your body, you might feel comfortable taking 5-10 capsules. More than ten #00 size capsules can result in intense effects that may be too much for sensitive people.

It’s important to start low instead of jumping ahead and taking more because not everyone reacts the same.

How Long For Kratom Capsules to Kick In

Kratom capsules take longer to digest the powder because your stomach needs to break down the gelatin coating on the tablets. The more capsules you take, the longer the process to feel the effects may be.

Users tend to feel the effects within 35-40 minutes of swallowing the capsules. If you eat food with your dose, it might take longer. A full stomach will slow digestion, while an empty stomach can shorten the time it takes to feel the desired effects.

Are Kratom Capsules Safe to Use?

When you realize that kratom capsules can provide benefits such as pain relief and energy, you might think these products are too good to be true. So, are they safe?

Generally speaking, yes. As long as you choose the product that’s right for you and consume the proper dose, you should avoid adverse side effects. Here are some tips for having a positive, safe experience with capsules:

Choose the Right Product

Many kratom capsules feature a gelatin coating. For most users, the gelatin won’t cause a problem. However, it can cause symptoms such as an upset stomach, bloating, cramps, and heartburn in excessive amounts.

Consuming large amounts of gelatin can also be harmful to the liver and kidneys. These organs have to work extra hard to digest the capsule coating.

If you suffer from kidney/liver-related issues or just want to limit your gelatin consumption, consider vegetarian capsules. They’re harder to find but will help you avoid the problems that gelatin can cause.

Consume the Proper Dose

If you consume too much of any kratom product, you may risk feeling side effects such as nausea and dizziness. So, when you choose capsules, you must be conscious of your dosage. Start slow, and resist the urge to pop more tablets when you don’t feel the desired effects right away.

Conclusion — Check Out Kratom Capsules For Sale

Capsules are one of the best ways to consume kratom, and they’re not going anywhere. You can use them to feel effects such as pain relief and energy while enjoying the convenience and affordability they offer.

Check out the best products from our recommended vendors today. Kona Kratom, VIP Kratom, and Star Kratom offer high-quality capsules for users of all experience levels. With these products and our user guide, you will be well on your way to reaping the plant’s full benefits.

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