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Best CBD Oils Canada- Wide: Top 3 CBD Brands of 2021

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CBD Oil is gaining more popularity by the day, especially because of its great capacity to reduce pain and relieve anxiety and sleep issues.

It is seen as an effective alternative to allopathic medicine, which leads to many side effects. However, we should forewarn you about the large number of competitor brands which have entered the market.

Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the right one based on the purity and quality of its products. Be it gummies, pills, oils, or capsules, it has to have the right amount of CBD concentration.

And to make it easier for you to select the “best CBD oil in Canada”, we have curated this guide mentioning the top three brands and their pros and cons. You will also get to know about the highlight features and how CBD oil helps.

So, dive in!

Top 3 Best CBD Oil Canada [Complete Reviews]

1. CBDNorth – Full-Spectrum Premium CBD Oil

2. CBD Magic – Runner Up

3. Resolve CBD – 2nd Runner Up

#1. CBD North – Full-Spectrum Premium CBD Oil


Brand Overview:

CBDNorth is a very trusted brand and is recommended by many consumers in Canada. It is completely natural and uses an effective CBD formulation to make its products. The oil tinctures are extremely potent and will surely help in relaxation and sleeping.

Moving on to the blend, the company uses high-quality, organic, full-spectrum hemp extracts, which are grown in Canada. This is then combined with clean and organic MCT oil to create the blend that is ultimately used for these products.

Not only that, but you can also experience the benefits of CBDV, CBG, and THC, along with other cannabinoids. It is perfect for high levels of stress, pain management, discomfort of all kinds, and sleep disorders.

Another advantage of this brand is that they provide CBD education for newbies, and you will find an entire guide dedicated to that. This includes dosage guides along with recommendations based on your condition.

CBDNorth’s products are tested by a third-party lab, and the results are mentioned on their website. They offer complete transparency and are honest about their products and ingredients. You will find uploaded images proving their authenticity that also helps in the building of trust.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBDNorth


  • May help in treating pain and sleeplessness
  • SSL secure payment
  • Responsive and efficient customer service
  • Shipping is free over $99
  • Different levels of potency and bottle sizes offered
  • Removes all THC to make Isolate oils


  • No subscription program for regular customers


In this section, we will discuss the highlight features of the brand. They provide a hoard of benefits and are rightfully known to be one of the top brands in Canada. Read on to know all about these features.

A. No Artificial Flavoring Agents Added

No artificial agents are added to the MCT oil, and it is absolutely pure. Most customers find the taste appealing, as they can enjoy the authentic taste of freshly-grown Canadian hemp. CBDNorth does not believe in adding extra flavoring, especially chemical agents, to their products.

B. Multiple Cannabinoids

The full-spectrum oil offered by CBDNorth will provide an extensive collection of multiple secondary cannabinoids. These work with CBD and will amplify the effect, ensuring you can get proper relief and treatment. The additional health benefits are indeed impressive.

C. Financial Help

CBDNorth is the first brand among its peers which provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford to purchase CBD oil continuously. If you fit their requirements, then you will be granted a 45% discount on any product that is ordered.

This will be valid for all upcoming orders you make. In hindsight, the brand believes everybody should have an equal right to premium-quality CBD.

D. Multiple Dose Options

Different individuals will have different needs, and CBDNorth has taken all of them into account. You will find products from 500mg to 2000mg with droppers of 12 sizes. Either choose the 30ml one or 50ml one, and you should always have the proper quantity.

Having said that, this brand believes in customization, and one can choose products with different levels of potency based on personal preferences. You will get highly concentrated options as well as less concentrated oils.

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#2. CBD Magic – Runner Up

Brand Overview:

CBD Magic is well known for its water soluble CBD and full-spectrum CBD oil and is another top brand on the market. If you have budget constraints, then this will be a better choice to make, as it is less expensive than CBDNorth.

However, because of its lower costs, you will not be getting the same entourage effect as the previous product. Now, if you are wondering why, let us tell you it does not have multiple cannabinoids accompanying CBD. There are no traces of THCV, CBN, and CBG, which enhance the effect of the CBD oil.

But, regardless, it does offer relief to a certain extent and will allow you to relax and sleep. It aids in reducing pain and heightened anxiety levels. The ingredients used here are MCT oil, which is organically-sourced, and full-spectrum hemp extracts that are used along with hemp seed oil.

The website is pretty impressive, with proper categorization of the products for easy navigation. You can see products based on your specific needs, which is very similar to shopping for clothes online. If you want something to help in focusing better, simply select that category and go through the products mentioned under it.


  • Provides relief from stress, pain, and anxiety
  • Large number of products available
  • Subscription program for regular customers
  • Different potency options available
  • Dosage recommendations and guidance provided on the website


  • No financial help is provided
  • No choice in dropper sizes
  • Entourage effect is not experienced after consumption
  • Customer service not available on weekends


Now that you know all about the brand and its pros and cons, it is time to discuss the highlight features. Read through them carefully to get a complete understanding before purchasing.

A. Shipping Policy

The best part about this brand is its shipping policy. It offers free shipping no matter what you order. There are no price restrictions here, and every item will be delivered without any delivery charge.

B. Subscription Benefits

For those who plan to use this product continuously, they offer subscription programs that will save time and money. You do not have to keep reordering the same thing every month by subscribing to their program.

C. Refunds

The brand believes in providing complete satisfaction, and in case you are not satisfied, they will provide a 100% refund. They offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and you can return the item at any point in time within the specified number of days.

#3. Resolve CBD – 2nd Runner Up

Brand Overview:

Resolve CBD is a Toronto-based Canadian brand that produces a range of CBD products, including gummies, capsules, full-spectrum oils, and pet treats.

Resolve CBD’s full-spectrum oil will help in reducing anxiety, treating pain, and getting a full night’s sleep, but it is not as effective as CBDNorth. This is because enough cannabinoids are not present to enhance the entourage effect. Therefore, it is placed at the third position.

However, the brand can be trusted, as they have third-party lab results uploaded on their website. This will help in getting an overview of the CBD content, and you will know about the authenticity of the ingredients. The website also helps beginners understand the dosage through their dosage guides.


  • CBD oils are non-psychoactive and safe to use
  • Three-step quiz is provided for dosage recommendations
  • Available in peppermint and natural flavors


  • Not enough choices in dosage potency and droppers
  • Less entourage effect


In this section, we have listed some of the highlight features that Resolve CBD offers:

A. Subscription

The brand offers a number of subscription programs to choose from, and this will make your life so much easier. You can opt for 6-week incremental orders and monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions. Plus, once you subscribe to their program, you can get a 20% discount.

B. Reward Points

You earn reward points when you place an order, and the points keep accumulating until they are redeemed. Resolve CBD values the loyalty of their customer base and provides rewards for it.

C. Non-psychoactive

All of the products that Resolve CBD manufactures are derived from freshly grown hemp with less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, you will not face any dizziness or hallucination, as the THC level is minimal.

How Did We Make This List of the Best CBD Oil Canada?

We compiled this list after a lot of research on CBD oils in Canada and the top brands on the market today. The popularity of each brand was taken into account, and then we did an in-depth analysis of the customer reviews and opinions. The customer ratings helped us understand the brands better, and we also took into consideration the third-party results.

It is very important to know the hemp sources and CBD extracts used. So, we studied the places these brands source their hemp from. That is how we scraped off some of the names and ended with the top three, which we have discussed here.

We must mention our guide would never have been made if it was not for the reports, relevant customer inputs, and notes by CBD journalists and experts. The following points have been taken into account too, which include:

  • Hemp sources
  • Whether information about the benefits and working of the products is provided
  • The manufacturing process of products, including broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and isolate extracts
  • Whether use and dosage instructions are provided
  • Customer reviews and brand reputation
  • THC levels in the products
  • Whether the products meet FDA standards
  • Effectiveness of the products in providing relief from inflammation, pain, stress, and discomfort

How to Choose Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: Buyer’s Guide

Getting a good CBD oil will depend on the brand you select. The following factors will guide you in making the right selection. Please follow this checklist carefully before purchasing.

1. Amount of THC

You would not want to go against the law and purchase something which is not legal. All reputed brands will ensure there is only 0.3% THC in their product. This is legally determined, and it will not get you into trouble anywhere in the state.

2. Sourcing

What is the source of hemp that is used in making CBD oil? The brand should not have to hide its source, as there are legal farms where hemp is grown. The company needs to tell you where the hemp comes from, and if it cannot, that is considered to be a red flag.

These are farms that grow hemp following strict guidelines, and they ensure the THC levels are within legal limits. Unregulated THC levels can cause a lot of problems, and you can also be committing an offense.

3. Third-Party Results

Third-party results are a must to ensure the authenticity of the brand, and any website that is unable to provide these details may not be a valid source. For a brand to prove its authenticity, it has to get the products tested from an independent lab.

Accordingly, the results have to be put up on the official website for easy access of potential buyers. So, when you visit the website, ensure you go through the details carefully.

4. Ingredients Used

Checking the list of ingredients is essential while purchasing a product — no matter the kind. Therefore, you will need to check all of the ingredients to see if any of them pose a risk to your health.

There could be something you are allergic to, and consuming those could be dangerous. Also, it is best to consume only gluten-free and vegan products. If you are vegan, check the ingredients of capsules and tinctures as well, as they may sometimes have traces of animal extracts.

5. Extraction

There are different extraction types, and you need to choose one before picking the brand. Some brands specialize and stick with one extraction type while others experiment and cater to all kinds of extraction. In this regard, the three main types of extractions are:

  • Broad-Spectrum: This does not contain any THC but comes with a number of nutrients.
  • Full-Spectrum: There is a proper balance of various nutrients and suitable flavors along with it. You can choose the profile that fits the best.
  • Isolate: This contains only CBD and no other nutrients and is one of the most concentrated products.

It is best to pick one extraction type, as that would eventually make it easier to select a brand.

How Does CBD Oil Help?

CBD oil has a number of benefits and can help the body in several ways. In this section, we will discuss some of the major advantages of this oil.

1. May Treat Acne

Acne is a common problem, which most people face at different phases in their lives, and CBD oil is known to help treat that.

Although a majority of the people are used to purchasing allopathic medicines, including medicinal creams, gels, and lotions, these may well have harsh steroids. But, CBD acts as a great alternative in offering long-term results once you have started using it.

While allopathic medicines are known for their short-time results, CBD will offer better treatment. However, there is no conclusive study that proves this at the moment. But, its anti-inflammatory capacity is known to work effectively on acne.

2. May Help with Anxiety

A large number of people are suffering from depression and anxiety, and chances are you already know of many who take pills for this. But psychiatric medication can prove to have long-term side effects and may not work well with everybody.

You can face agitation, insomnia, drowsiness, and sexual dysfunction too. Substance abuse is also common, especially with regular consumption.

However, CBD has shown a lot of promise in this field and can act as an alternative to psychiatric drugs. Anxiety and depression both can be treated to a large extent with the help of CBD oil while reducing the dosage of allopathic medicines.

3. May Help with Pain Relief

We all face different kinds of pain, from body aches and menstrual cramps to chronic aches and headaches. CBD oil has proven to be a great option that minimizes discomfort and enhances pain management.

This means it may not take away all of the pain, but it will reduce it so that it becomes manageable. Studies from around the world have proven that CBD is a great option to reduce inflammation and aching.

Moreover, a combination of THC and CBD is used to reduce pain caused by arthritis and multiple sclerosis. You may not be willing to take THC, and in that case, even CBD alone is capable of providing help when necessary.

4. Heart Health

There are many studies that are trying to draw a relation between heart health and CBD. At the same time, CBD reduces hypertension and anxiety. It also lowers blood pressure levels, which can be beneficial. In addition, it can prevent the occurrence of strokes, metabolic syndromes, and heart attacks.

5. Neurological Disorders

Currently, some studies are being based on the connection between CBD and neurological processes. CBD helps in dealing with anxiety and depression, and this is only because of their interaction with neurological processes. But, since the studies are ongoing, the link remains yet to be proven.

Researchers are studying the relation between CBD and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. If the results are positive, it will be extremely beneficial, as the available medicines can be crippling when you are dealing with such neurological disorders.

Long story short, CBD can effectively work in reducing and treating pain and muscle spasms without causing any side effects.

FAQs About CBD Oil Canada

In this section, we will discuss some of the frequently asked questions. This should help in dealing with any further queries you may have.

Q. Does Consumption of CBD Oil Lead to Side Effects?

One great thing about CBD is that it usually does not have life threatening side effects. It is, after all, a natural compound. And even if you accidentally consume 700mg of the oil in one go, you should be alright.

However, if you manage to overdose and consume above 1500mg, then you might see some side effects. But, the chances are pretty slim, and even if it does, the side effects will not last for more than eight hours.

On that note, the common symptoms you may experience include:

  • Appetite changes
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

If you get any of these symptoms, please do not panic, as it is purely mental. You can simply go for a walk to relax. Alternatively, you can sleep it off, and that should help too. Some feel fatigued or sleepy after consumption, and that just helps the body to relax and get over the pain.

Q. How Can You Use CBD Oil?

Now that you know all about CBD and its benefits, let us talk about the different ways in which it can be used. Firstly, you can consume it in the form of tinctures and oils. This is for people who do not want to take a capsule daily.

CBD oil is generally placed below the tongue with the help of a dropper, and it is pretty concentrated. It gets absorbed by tiny capillaries and will lead to immediate results.

But, if you are not confident about ingesting it, there are CBD-infused creams and lotions that can be applied to joints and muscles. This will be absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream.

Moving on, there are CBD gummies too, which is by far the most popular way of consuming CBD. These can be popped at any time and can be taken anywhere. They are more discreet, and gummies are available in different flavors. They are also portable, and you can just pop some in your bag.

If you have serious issues like seizures and digestive problems, then popping pills or capsules is the best option. Here, the pills have measured quantities and are generally prescribed by doctors.

Lastly, the quickest way to get CBD in your system is through vaping. This can be done with the help of e-cigarettes, where one’s lungs absorb it all at the same time.

Q. How Will You Decide the Right Dosage for CBD Oil?

We believe that before you start consuming CBD oil, it is important to know the kind of dosage you require. This is determined by a few factors, namely:

  • Reasons for using
  • Body chemistry
  • Weight
  • Means of ingestion

To decide on the dose, you should look into the above variables and make a judgment. If you are unable to decide on the one needed, you can consult a doctor, who will further help with the process.

We would like to provide you with one piece of advice here. Please remember not to increase the dose by more than 5mg each time. For example, if you start with mg, then after you are comfortable with it, shift to 10mg. Let your body accept the previous dose as recommended by doctors.

However, if you are suffering from any chronic diseases, then experiment with the dosage and consult the doctor regarding increasing or decreasing it. Do not worry about experimentation, as the main intention is to provide relief from the pain.

But if this is your first time taking the oil, start with 5mg and then slowly increase the dose over time.

Q. What Are the Potential Benefits of CBD Oil?

While many of the benefits are still being studied and tested, there are some benefits that have been proven. For example, in the case of Schizophrenia, many studies have suggested that psychotic symptoms are reduced with the consumption of CBD.

Then, in the case of substance abuse, it has been tested on rats, and the results show decreased dependence on heroin and morphine. However, the study is under process.

As we have already mentioned, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and that could help in reducing a tumor and the spread of it. This quality is also useful in the case of diabetes.

But, please remember that CBD works in reducing symptoms related to disorders and does not cure them. With that said, you can use it to get relief and to deal with health issues better. Plus, it is not addictive and does not have any serious side effects.

Conclusion – Which CBD Oil in Canada Should You Buy?

Hopefully by now, you have understood how CBD has been used as an alternative substance to manage symptoms for a lot of health issues. It also works wonders in stabilizing the overall mood and helping in improving the quality of life you are leading.

But, you need to find the right brand that suits well, as that will ultimately determine the experience you have. The wrong brand will not work well and might put you off to a large extent.

Having said that, our top recommendation is CBDNorth, which will help you deal with most issues easily. But, all of the three brands discussed will provide a healthy and affordable option to choose from.

With this, we will take your leave. You can let us know about any further queries in the comment section below.

Until next time!

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