How to manage your vehicle lease during the pandemic

By Ronald Montoya | Edmunds via The Associated Press The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed the way we live and conduct business in this country.… Continue reading

BACK WHEN: Civil War veterans help build Port Angeles

I RECENTLY TOOK a stroll around Ocean View Cemetery. There are a number of simple grave markers identifying the remains of Civil War veterans. There… Continue reading

‘Murder Hornets,’ with sting that can kill, land in the state

Insects most destructive in the late summer, early fall

  • May 4, 2020

A GROWING CONCERN: May days begin a bountiful harvest

my favorite month of the year. It just sounds so good. But in all earnestness,… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: Growing into who God always knew you to be

THE OLDER I get, the more I realize childhood never ends. We outgrow stuff, sure. We move on from things, OK. But there seems to… Continue reading

Online church services set

Online church services set PORT ANGELES • Independent Bible Church: 9 a.m. Sunday, a link to the church’s YouTube channel is on its website. For… Continue reading

Going for a stroll

Natalie White of Port Angeles jogs past blossoming cherry trees along the Waterfront Trail in Port Angeles with her son, Nash, 3,… Continue reading

Church donates $8,500 from Yuletide Bazaar

Sponsors of the Dungeness Valley Lutheran Church Yuletide Bazaar have donated $8,500 from the event to local organizations providing emergency aid and support… Continue reading

Surfing near Point Hudson

An unidentified woman takes a fall while surfing in the choppy waters off Point Hudson last weekend. Gov. Jay Inslee said this… Continue reading

Clallam County’s annual Birdathon set for May 9

While the 2019 novel coronavirus has canceled a number of local events, birders can look forward to getting outdoors to participate in the… Continue reading

Harbor paddlers in Port Angeles

Paddlers, from left, Jennie Freese, Casey Fall and Eric Hoffman, all of Port Angeles, make their way across the mostly empty waters… Continue reading

COVID-19: A Local Survival Guide

We have a special COVID-19 local survival guide out now. Within this publications, you will find information on the novel coronavirus, local resources, safe and… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Get the drop on watering

YEAH, RAIN! APRIL is on track to be the driest ever on record and any moisture now is critical because of the early spring needs… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Be a leader for your horse

ARE YOU A leader or a doormat? When it comes to horses, it’s important for you to assert yourself as their leader and not their… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: Dealing with uncertainty

IT IS A natural human trait to want certainty and to know what comes next. We wish we could somehow see into the future and… Continue reading

Victory gardens connect Americans again

By Kristin M. Hall | The Associated Press During World War I, posters proclaiming “Food will win the war” encouraged Americans to grow victory gardens.… Continue reading

  • Apr 22, 2020

Blooming tulips

Tulips come into bloom in planters at the Esplanade along Railroad Avenue on Saturday, April 18, 2020, on the Port Angeles waterfront.… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: A good start leads to a great finish

I DO NOT want to waste any time not immediately getting to my great concern and worry because the implications could ruin your garden. Every… Continue reading

High-flying fun

Pilot Dan Fitzgerald of Port Angeles makes adjustments on a model airplane before takeoff Saturday, April 11, 2020, at the Olympic Radio… Continue reading