LETTER:Spending suggestions

What good fortune for the tribes of Washington to have received $50 million for salmon and shellfish habitat restoration in addition to their annual EPA supplement.

No doubt this money will be put to good use and is necessary to bring the tribes more productive fisheries, estuaries and marine habitats.

However, I cannot help but wonder how else $50 million could be used in Clallam County.

Would that amount of money provide funds toward building a needed reservoir so that a reliable source of water exists in Clallam County for our fish, farms and households?

Would this be enough to rebuild our schools and modernize the labs, gymnasiums, music departments, lecture halls and cafeterias of high schools?

Would new playgrounds and comfortable rooms for the elementary schools be feasible?

Would $50 million be enough to add lanes to the highway between the Hood Canal and Sequim?

Everyone who lives or visits our county must use this dangerous and heavily used stretch of road and would benefit from improvements.

Could undergrounding utilities that fail with every wind storm be a consideration?

I realize the government has many different departments dealing with distribution of funds, but ultimately all of the money comes from the pockets of the increasingly invisible taxpayer.

Our so-called representatives should consider everyone, and work to provide funding for an infrastructure that will benefit all of Clallam County.

Roberta Griset


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