My family arrived 62 years ago in Port Angeles, then a bustling town of about 10,000 people also occupied by five mills including three pulp mills, a plywood plant, a sawmill and a shake mill.

There was lots to do.

The prosperity of the town was on parade.

It was reflected by the well-equipped stores and restaurants along First and Front streets.

Things have changed and, sadly, the difference is notable and not pleasing in many ways,

A recent trip to Ellensburg provides a comparison.

We have never seen such a delightful, well-kept city where a college dominates, yet we have one too.

Ellensburg’s surroundings do not captivate, as ours do, with the marriage of snow-covered peaks and the sea.

Stop there and make your own comparison.

Somehow Ellensburg has it right, sadly we do not.

Glenn Wiggins

Port Angeles

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