LETTERS: Laws based on religion

Laws based on religion

Iranian citizens are facing a tough road.

Many more will die, but they are fighting for all the right reasons.

What’s happening there is no different from what’s happening also in Afghanistan and also, unbelievably, in the supposed land of the free, yes the USA.

I’m talking about religion.

About religious beliefs being forcibly applied to the citizens.

Here in the U.S., some may say it’s the light version but it’s not.

It’s the dark and subversive version.

Forcing women to bear children they cannot raise, can’t afford, or that were conceived in rape and forcing society to pay for these outcomes, is inhumane.

It’s also extreme transgression on personal individual rights, and against our constitution which guarantees all Americans rights to self determination and freedom from religious beliefs.

The sanctimonious six Supremes have overthrown stare decisis and worse the Constitution’s mandate prohibiting endorsement of religion as well as impartiality in their poorly wrought, and wrong decision.

There’s no medical, no sociological and no scientific reason behind this, it’s a purely religion decided judgment.

When it’s an inspiration for personal self-improvement, acts of kindness, charity or humanity, religion is at its best.

When its used in judgment, condemnation or oppression of others, religion is at its absolute worst.

Tom LaRue