LETTER:People who care

I thank everyone who found my beloved little cat, Lilo, and returned her.

She went missing in mid-December while I was visiting my daughter in Baltimore.

I had arranged to have Lilo cared for but apparently my absence was too much.

Caleb, a ranger at Sequim Bay State Park, found her Dec. 17 in the park and managed to capture her.

He and his wife and their 3-year-old child showered Lilo with tender loving care until Jan. 8 when my sister and I drove to the park cottage and retrieved her.

That is 30 days of cat care.

How did she travel from my Dungeness River farm to the park, 10 miles?

Caleb’s wife spotted my photo of Lilo on the Clallam County Lost and Found Facebook page.

My dear friend Macy, and folks at Pet Posse had posted it on their network.

I am awed by the number of people who care about lost, sick, and suffering animals.

Doubtless they care too about children, women and men, helping hungry human beings get food and shelter.

Lilo was traumatized and hid under my bed that first night.

Then she emerged, mewing, rubbing her back against my leg, begging for food.

I gave her a can of tuna cat food.

She devoured it.

I was drifting off to sleep when Lilo hopped up on my bed and came up beside me, purring loudly.

She is home safe and sound.

Happy New Year to animals and people of this world.

Timothy Wheeler