LETTER:Camp David

My husband and I used to rent Camp David for 13 years for our Camp David Jr. chili, bike and kayak ride.

We started off renting for just the day in February and then got to rent in April so rented overnight.

We did this for 13 years, but had to quit when they needed to have proof of insurance.

The cost was too high to add to our homeowners protection.

Camp David is very special in Clallam County.

It has been used by individuals like us, church groups and for many other local events.

I’m afraid the new rental cost will make it so no local groups will be able to rent Camp David Jr.

You say it’s been awhile since prices have increased, but I don’t understand how or why the county is going to charge these outrageous prices?

Keep Camp David Jr. priced so locals can still enjoy.

Cynthia Isenberger

Port Angeles