LETTER:Option 2

I have lived in downtown Dungeness for 47 years.

I have walked the levee thousands of times and drive on Towne Road daily.

Access to both of these is critical to the safety and well-being of the area.

Commercial deliveries, emergency services, residents and visitors depend upon easy access to roads and the Dungeness River.

The number one priority to the residents of Dungeness is the north-south route between Woodcock and Anderson roads.

We use this route 24/7, in all weather conditions.

It is also an emergency escape route should an earthquake or tsunami hit Dungeness.

The new levee is two miles long from the Dungeness Schoolhouse south to the end of the trail.

Option 2 is a two-lane road separated from the trail by guardrails.

This option is 0.63 miles long and leaves 1.3 miles with not-vehicular traffic for the levee trail.

This would seem like the best option for all involved.

Del Caryl


EDITOR’S NOTE: Clallam County officials are considering four options for the site of the levee that was constructed during the Lower Dungeness River Floodplain Restoration in recent months.