LETTER:Opposes gun ban

The article “Gun ban approval sighted; court block said likely” (PDN, April 1) requires some comments.

I have to commend Sen. Van De Wege for showing actual common-sense voting against HB 1240, the so called assault weapons ban proposal, that A.G. Ferguson has put forward in the Legislature since 2017.

Once again, our legislators are acting emotionally on the horrible Nashville murders by a mixed-up psychopath.

They never let a good tragedy go to waste.

The legislators cite statistics and comments from the Gun Violence Archive and Giffords Law Center.

Both are far-left anti-gun sources.

Van De Wege says that the bill likely will be struck down by the courts.

Nine other blue states are attempting the same thing and are in litigation.

That’s not stopping Gov. Inslee salivating with pen poised if the bill crosses his desk.

The gun ban is not about problem solving or crime control; it’s about ideology and the exertion of power.

The bill proponents ignore judicial precedence, their oath of office, the U.S. Constitution and the Washington State Constitution.

They’re making gun owners do it the hard way.

They know they have unlimited taxpayer funds to defend their misguided and unconstitutional laws.

Whereas gun owners, who pay the taxes, have to use their hard-earned dollars to support organizations that defend their God-given unalienable rights, as enumerated in the Constitution.

Nice state representation we have, wanting to disarm and bankrupt their fellow countrymen.

Roger M. Foszcz

Port Angeles