Russian President Putin headed the KGB, the Soviet intelligence service, prior to rising to power.

An authoritarian, he squelches Russian dissent, opponents, and critics.

His cohorts are corrupt Russian oligarchs.

When we Americans consider his motives, remembering this background helps us determine his intentions and trustworthiness towards our country, a liberal, constitutional democracy.

Putin pummels, massacres Ukraine for daring to disregard orders to rejoin Russia.

He becomes megalomaniac.

Painting himself into a tarnished red corner, he sees no exit.

He thinks he can reinvent the Soviet Union, while luxuriating in power and money.

Who will find him the exit?

Is he able to hear voices outside that soundproof, bolted, mesmerizing room?

In the common streets and the suppressive jails of Russia?

Is he capable of appreciating the sovereignty of Ukraine?

President Biden’s administration alerted the world months ago about Putin’s plan to overtake Ukraine with force.

Biden, never enamored with dictators’ ploys, has never been turned into an asset of Russia.

He believes in a government of, by, and for all people.

He trusts us to discern what’s best for the U.S, what keeps our communities thriving, and our compassion alive.

This includes supporting Ukrainian independence.

President Putin, step out of your throne room.

Embrace efforts to make our world better.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles

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