LETTER:Lucky to live in PA

Each day I linger at our windows at the corner of Eunice and Caroline streets where the view draws people.

Some arrive at the B&B across the street where phones slip out of pockets to share the scenery with those back home.

There are people of all persuasions.

Many arrive with little ones in tow.

On one occasion a grandfather with his 5-year-old grandson celebrated their arrival by playing ball across the street.

His swing was surprisingly strong and accurate for a young one, just like Jackie Robinson’s.

Others down on their luck arrive at this peaceful setting to linger too and perhaps relax a bit from the strain of their daily lives.

Often, at noon, a man parks his vehicle at our curb to drink in the setting while enjoying his lunch.

No words.

Sometimes a wave will do.

The view has an international status since, in the mix, are Canadians looking across the Strait at home just 19 miles away which is transited daily by the Coho ferry.

You can set your watch by these visits. The cruise ships at sea parade each day heading for destinations that attract tourists.

They, along with freighters and yachts, are protected by Coast Guard helicopters which cover all of Puget Sound from here along with the Navy at Whidbey.

All encounter the rapid changes in weather we witness.

Lingering at the windows starts each day.

How lucky we are having lived in this setting for over 60 years.

Glenn Wiggins

Port Angeles