LETTER:Against Purser

If you prefer a Public Utility District candidate with a history of ignoring ratepayers and is indifferent to future changes, then vote for Will Purser for commissioner.

Purser, a commissioner for 20 years, is still supporting meetings which hinder public comment and discourage commissioners with updated views.

After four-plus years of observing many meetings, I can assure ratepayers that you have very little voice with Purser as president.

It seems to me that he has likely never read the state’s Open Public Meeting Act which states, “The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them.”

The PUD agenda is static with insufficient discussion time for the commissioners’ ideas.

Purser does not recognize that commissioners should be representing the ratepayers.

He pointedly ignores Commissioner Waddell’s attempts to provide researched information on alternative energies, BPA concerns, District 3 issues, utilities’ futures, etc.

Voters elected Waddell because they obviously supported his viewpoint.

Voters’ concerns are not being addressed.

I recommend voting for Ken Hays for Clallam County PUD commissioner.

As an architect, he has an understanding of energy and water utilities and telecommunications.

He served as Sequim mayor and was known for his leadership, planning ability and openness to the public interest.

We need a vision, we need a voice, we need Ken Hays.

Janet Marx

Port Angeles