LETTER:Health care legislation

Our state legislators have failed us. First they failed to let SB 5204 the Whole Washington Health Care Trust out of its first committee.

That bill would have provided state administered single payer healthcare for everyone in the state.

Then they watered down SB 5399 which had the goal of providing a publicly-financed healthcare system for all people by 2026.

Now the bill that passed both houses simply calls for more studies and reports to the legislature.

It is quite evident that the hundreds of thousands of dollars the insurance and pharmaceutical companies invest in our legislators has paid off handsomely.

Our state legislators bend to the will of their big contributors from the healthcare industry and refuse to do what is best for their constituents.

Multiple studies have shown that the state can save the most money and improve outcomes by moving to a single-payer health system.

SB 5399, co-sponsored by Sen. Kevin Van de Wege, does nothing but form a commission and give it four more years to solve problems that have already been solved.

This bill pushes badly needed health care coverage further down the road and most likely kills it forever.

Will our state legislators find the courage next session to buck the for profit insurance industry and enact SB 5204 the Whole Washington Health Care Trust which would cover everyone in the state including the 541,000 who have no coverage at all?

Gail Chatfield

Port Hadlock