LETTER: Supports plan for Snake River dams

I’m inspired by the Jefferson County board of commissioners’ support of the proposed plan to restore the lower Snake River put forth by Rep. Mike Simpson.

Here’s why: This plan ensures that farmers can irrigate and get their crops to market, while preserving our valuable fisheries and the benefits that come from them.

As a chef and restaurateur, it is a point of pride to serve fresh grilled chinook filet.

Washington salmon draw restaurant clientele from across the country and around the globe, who come seeking “a taste of the place.”

However, I also depend on the region’s exceptional produce and wines to serve alongside fresh caught salmon.

In my restaurants, by bringing together all the best ingredients that the region has to offer, I have an integral role in the economy and the food web.

Therefore, I think of food in terms of an ecosystem, one that is economic and ecological.

This is why I support Rep. Simpson’s vision, which ensures agricultural products and salmon coexist in a sustainable fashion.

The loss of salmon runs comes at a high price, translating to lost jobs and a way of life in the Northwest.

We must let our members of Congress know we want them to get involved and fund this work.

Kris Nelson

Port Townsend