LETTER:Familiar diatribe

Cal Thomas’ lies, as he railed against Mitt Romney’s view with regards to the GOP’s authoritarian image, fall into the familiar attack mode that Republicans continually engage in.

Thomas brings up the oh-so-familiar diatribe that Democrats impose propaganda on our nation’s schools, when it is the Republicans that censor, condemn, and insult the teachers in this country working tirelessly to teach the students within their care.


You mean like outlawing abortion?

You mean like censoring books in libraries and schools?

You mean like condemning anyone in the LGBTQ+ lifestyle?

It is easy to check the Republicans’ long record of working to cut Medicare and Social Security: Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, accused Biden of lying about GOP plans to gut these programs, yet he has worked to do just this; last November John Thune, the number 2 Senate Republican declared that these programs’ benefits should be slashed; Florida’s Rick Scott wants all social services on the chopping block every 5 years; Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin proposed sunsetting these laws every year. Last June the Republican Study Committee, representing a majority of House Republicans, proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

I guess Marjorie Taylor Greene forgot about that as she yelled “Liar” at the State of the Union address.

On Feb. 8, the Republican House Budget Committee recommended a repeal of the health care provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, which would drastically raise drug prices, including insulin, and health care premiums.


Wake up, Cal Thomas.

Sherry Schaaf