LETTER:An advantage

In regards to a recent letter, how can the author possibly know that most seniors in Clallam County did not switch to Medicare Advantage?

I’m a senior, I switched and I am glad that I did.

Whatever health insurance we choose is our own business.

Because of the switch, I have dental, vision and hearing benefits that I was not getting from regular Medicare.

If my tax dollars are spent on this, I say pay.

Traveling doctors won’t refer you to get even a simple test, like a lung X-Ray, because they say it is too expensive.

I got COVID-19 even though I was vaxed up and I could not get in for days.

Payment of 80 percent is better than no percent.

Remember ObamaCare, where few could afford the enormous rise in insurance rates?

Thank you, big companies, for making sure that many of us are getting the care we need and it only takes me a week to get approval.

In an emergency, they don’t even require pre-approval.

Someone needs to get their story straight on health insurance.

The Advantage plans are ever so helpful for regular folks like me.

I’m sure I’m not taking food off your table.

Peggy Conley

Port Angeles