LETTER:Agrees with Charen

Thank you for Mona Charen’s editorial piece “The Oldest Hatred Roars Back,” which sheds some light on the deceptions that have proliferated in Western culture and esteemed institutions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

To see and hear the magnitude of sheer ignorance and hatred spewing out of our once-revered universities and venues all over the West is almost as horrifying as the slaughter carried out by Hamas on Oct 7.

These thousands of Anti-Israel mobs can’t possibly know, can they, the historical facts of the Mideast conflicts and the blatant aggression of the Arab states toward Israel over the last seven or eight decades.

As far as a two-state solution goes?

The Palestinian government’s reply to Israel’s offers have literally been “No Peace, No Recognition, No Negotiations.”

They want Israel destroyed, period.

Very tragically, Palestinian civilians have been victims of their own governing leaders.

Their children are taught from the cradle that Israel is their enemy and oppressor as “Death to Israel!” and “Death to America!” is the cry of their Islamic military leaders.

For anyone believing that Israel is at fault for there being no Palestinian state, I strongly recommend watching a YouTube video you can find by searching “Shapiro, history of Israel.”

This American Jew’s political bent is largely rejected by Liberals, but this in no way cancels out the documented historical facts he deftly gives us.

Jan Hayward