LETTER: Wants tourists to stay away from Clallam County

To date, there have been only a few cases of COVID-19 in Clallam County.

As reported by the Peninsula Daily News, many of those were brought by people who had visited other locations, such as Seattle, and brought the virus to the Olympic Peninsula.

Only a few were from community (person-to-person) transmission.

With fine weather approaching, many tourists from Seattle and other places suffering the COVID-19 epidemic are likely to seek the beauty and peace of the Olympic Peninsula as they do every year.

Although we can’t barricade the roads, can’t we at least attempt to warn them to not visit this year?

The Clallam County Visitor Information page (www.clallam.net/features/visitor.html) should add a request for visitors to stay away this year.

All Clallam County tourist-related publicity should be modified to dis-invite tourists during the course of the epidemic. Otherwise we could be overwhelmed by a second wave of infection brought in from the outside.

Wendy Goldberg