LETTER: Van Hoover a chance for new blood on commission

There is concern “we don’t need another health care person.”

The current Jefferson Healthcare commissioners have long-term connections to the hospital and/or to the commission.

Many of us appreciate their continued hard work and commitment to bring the hospital where it is today.

However, too much familiarity can overlook hidden gems and problems.

We have an opportunity for the addition of “new” blood.

Those of us who worked with Cheri Van Hoover in organizations know she can motivate and energize people as well as she can build on the hospital’s positive direction.

Ideas gained from her practice and policy experience in other geographical health care settings will be useful to navigate the complex issues of health care, especially the issues of a county with a high number of older persons.

In my many discussions with Cheri, I am impressed with her depth of knowledge as it relates to the concerns of our aging population and the management of unique issues of senior care.

Everyone needs and deserves a partnership with their providers to have full factual disclosures of their situation with options to carry out their goals for quality of life.

With her crisis experience, personal family health issues, she will be helpful in encouraging policies that require the integration of supportive behavioral health management for these complicated health issues.

Cheri has my vote for a balanced commission.

Shirley Williams,

Port Townsend