LETTER: Juvenile detention center tax small price to pay

I don’t like new taxes any more than the next guy, but the Tax for Juvenile Detention Facilities (Proposition 1) is as close to a “no-brainer” as you will find on the ballot this November in Clallam County.

For the small price of an extra penny on a $10 purchase or an extra dime on a $100 purchase, we can ensure continuing dedicated support for robust programs in our Juvenile Court and greatly reduce the reliance on reserves, which is not suitable in the long term (“Juvenile Justice Tax Approved For Clallam Ballot,” PDN, July 28).

Having recently presided over our Juvenile Court for six years, I can tell you that these comprehensive, wrap-around services, provided to troubled teens by dedicated professionals, really work.

Young lives are changed in our community every week.

But effective programs cost money, and the state does not provide enough to meet the needs of most communities.

The revenue generated by the tax cannot be used for any other purpose, according to the ballot question.

It is a small price to pay, and the reward is stable, dedicated, long-term funding for proven programs.

I urge the voters of Clallam County to not only vote for this measure but actively support it in our community.

S. Brooke Taylor,

Port Angeles

Taylor is a retired Clallam County Superior Court judge.