LETTER: Uninsured drivers make the rest of us pay

I wonder if you think as highly of uninsured drivers as I do.

On April 21, I was hit by another car in the Safeway parking lot on U.S. Highway 101.

We were both in our cars when he backed into me, we exchanged info and I took pictures of his damage and license plate.

I called his insurance company and I explained to them what happened.

That was when I learned he was no longer covered, so now we are left with our insurance and paying our deductible for the uninsured motorist.

Last year, our son was in an accident (not his fault) with an uninsured driver. He had to pay the deductible to get his truck fixed.

I know that is why we pay our insurance, but it seems a little crazy that we pay to fix our cars that they damaged, right?

Maybe when people are ticketed for not having insurance, they should have their cars impounded until they can show proof of insurance.

Maybe people should have to start showing proof of insurance when they buy their tabs at the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Something needs to change.

It isn’t fair to those of us who have insurance.

Now I know why the guy who hit me didn’t want me to call law enforcement.

Now it is just me who gets to pay.

Lucky me.

Denise Dahll,