LETTER: It’s time to get up to speed on science

Over the past two weekends our community has had the opportunity to receive the teachings of science and to express our concerns about growing carbon emissions and the resulting climate impact.

On April 22, Olympic Climate Action and Feiro Marine Life Center in Port Angeles sponsored an amazing event featuring continuous speakers on topics including earthquakes, ocean acidification and prostate cancer treatment.

The scientists from our community gave their time and knowledge, and the hall was packed all day.

Outside on City Pier, a variety of agencies and organizations connected to the world of science had displays and information for folks to peruse.

There were a variety of activities for children.

It would have been wonderful to see better coverage of this event in the Sunday, April 23 paper instead of only a photo and caption on the front page.

Many people were unable to attend and would have enjoyed reading about its success.

Maybe the PDN could give a “science beat” to one of the reporters.

Science is involved in every aspect of our modern life.

Science reflects how things work in our physical world, and from its teachings, our modern world has evolved.

And now, given the current population of planet Earth and the use of resources and the byproducts of our consumption, we are in crisis.

Scientists of the world are in agreement that carbon emissions are affecting at alarming speed on the way our atmosphere and climate are operating.

It’s time to help our population at large to get up to speed on these discoveries and to be able to help turn things around.

Mary Morgan,