LETTER: Try these tips for optimum dental hygiene

There is a new product available in the U.S. that was recently approved by the Federal Drug Administration to arrest caries: silver diamine fluoride.

This product has been available in Japan for over 60 years.

There are many research articles on the internet for PDN readers’ viewing.

If you are interested in slowing down the progression of the disease, you should ask your dental provider about this product.

The best access to dental care is improving self-care.

There is a lot everyone can do for themselves.

If you use a disclosing solution, you can see what is on your teeth that needs to be removed,

Your pharmacist should be able to help you.

Avoid sugar: This is true.

Avoid snacking.

Drink lots of water.

Brushing your teeth every morning with a fluoride toothpaste will help to remineralize your teeth to keep them stronger to resist acid attacks from foods or bacteria.

Baking soda is good as a rinse or for brushing, as it changes the pH to more basic level.

Dry-brush your teeth every evening to thoroughly remove bacterial biofilm.

This could take over 20 minutes.

A rinse with diluted Clorox — one teaspoon Clorox to one cup of water — rinse, spit, wait 10 minutes.

Do this two times a week.

Sarah McGonigle,

Port Townsend

McGonigle has been a dental hygienist on the North Olympic Peninsula for 36 years.