LETTER: Port Angeles levy helped my daughter succeed beyond school

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: When I say to people that my daughter played cello at Carnegie Hall or helped to accompany the world-famous Irish tenor Anthony Kearns — while still in high school — they take notice.

Twelve years ago, people in this community understood that we had to provide more than a bare-bones education for Port Angeles students.

My daughter directly benefited from it, as did many others.

The question is: Do people still understand how critically important levies are to continuing to allow our kids to compete for limited space in colleges and technical and trade schools?

Today’s colleges look beyond mere academic achievement.

They look for a track record of leadership, governmental and environmental awareness, and community involvement, as well as the old standbys of athletic achievement and fine arts involvement.

In addition to high academics, colleges expect high schools to provide vocational venues and outlets to the community, and they award scholarships based on achievement in these areas.

Indeed, to attend any college of worth, one must count on scholarships in more than mere academics.

And why should you care?

Because if you are older than 50, you’d better hope these kids get into good colleges so someone will be paying into your Social Security.

Because dismantled school programs rarely come back.

Because bored, aimless kids spell trouble in any community.

Please vote yes to maintain our vital Port Angeles School District programs.

Vote yes on the Feb. 14 educational programs and operation replacement levy.

Penny Hall,

Port Angeles