LETTER: Trump’s ‘promises’ don’t seem to be leading to a greater tomorrow

How is Donald Trump keeping his promises to a middle class furious at an economy rigged against them?

After promising to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, there is the possibility of repeal but no replacement.

There is no plan except to take away health care for 20 million Americans.

Look forward to joining the 650,000 medical bankruptcies a year and thousands dying for lack of medical coverage.

Trump said he would drain the swamp and stand up to Wall Street.

He now pushes financial deregulation and has former Goldman Sachs employees in his cabinet.

Gone is the rule that financial advisers must work in the investors’ interests, not their own.

Trump said multiple times he would protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has talked about privatizing Social Security and Medicare.

Trump, now in office, is capitulating to Ryan, breaking his promise to Americans.

Look forward to being sicker and poorer as these earned benefits you paid for are stolen.

Trump allows the dumping of toxic coal fly ash in streams, so now we drink poison in our water.

I never heard him promise that.

Trump is working on bringing jobs back, and I wish him success, so why did he propose an anti-worker billionaire to be in charge of the Labor Department, and why does Trump push 50 states’ so-called right-to-work for less money and safety?

We have watched the middle class shrink, mirroring union membership.

Trump should explain how he will make America great again by beating on workers, poisoning water, taking away health care and bowing to Wall Street.

Samuel P. Woods,