LETTER: Liberals so busy making fun of Trump, they forgot about themselves

I think it’s fair that “Saturday Night Live” makes fun of President Donald Trump and Republicans, since Hollywood’s liberal elites spend the rest of the week making fools of themselves.

They make fun of Trump on purpose while they look stupid because, well, they’re stupid.

Who can forget Madonna having to read that she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”?

Frankly, she hasn’t thought a lot about anything since she hit puberty.

Then there was Ashley Judd.

I don’t know what she said.

They had to bleep out all the words.

Maybe it’s the water in California.

Have you ever seen Nancy Pelosi on TV?

I gave up trying to make sense of what she’s saying and turn the sound off to pretend she’s directing a symphony.

I think it’s “The Nutcracker.”

Then there’s U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters worried about Putin invading Korea and Pelosi looking like she forgot the words to “This Land Is Your Land” when her microphone went dead.

But the Academy Award has to go to the bunch gathered to give themselves awards.

They were so busy dumping on Trump and laughing at Jimmy Kimmel saying Trump tweets at 5 a.m. while having a bowel movement that they managed to turn the show into one by first awarding Best Picture to “La La Land” (how appropriate) instead of the actual winner, “Moonlight.”

Which proves that Hollywood elites really can’t get anything right, even when they have a year to prepare.

But what can you expect from people who make a living pretending to be somebody else?

Joan Keegan,

Port Angeles