LETTER: Supports Nate Adkisson for Hospital District 2 commissioner

A League of Woman Voters Forum, held on October 2, featured the two contested Olympic Medical Center hospital commissioner races.

Unfortunately, the PDN did not report on this very revealing forum.

Had they done so, county voters would be better prepared to make an informed choice between Ann Marie Henninger and Nate Adkisson, candidates for Commissioner District 1, Position 1.

Adkisson brings the much-needed patient’s viewpoint to the commission, emphasizing the difficult impact of unaffordable hospital costs, plus the need for making such costs transparent for our residents.

And Adkisson wholeheartedly supports the hospital’s science-based best practices.

However, Henninger’s beliefs about health care, particularly for women and those vulnerable to preventable illness, are so strange, I question her candidacy.

At the forum, I asked about her documented objection to flu vaccines. She has stated: “The vaccine itself has risks and is no guarantee that one will not come down with the illness … This (vaccine) decision [regarding vaccines for foster parents] is not evidence-based.”

In her response, Henninger failed to explain how she would align her far-right values with OMC’s vaccination policies.

This same omission emerged during later public questions about her belief in the rhythm method as a birth control option, and about her work with Obria, a faith-based clinic.

A vote for Adkisson assures the continuance of OMC’s medically sound health policies.

Susan Molin,


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