LETTER: Nothing shameful of objectionable about guns on fence

Oh, for crying out loud.

I am compelled to write this letter after reading the article (PDN Nov. 3) about the objections to depictions of soldiers with guns on the Veterans Park fence in Port Angeles.

There is nothing shameful or objectionable about guns or soldiers with guns.

Thank God for them.

Guns are essential tools in the hands of those trained to, and willing to, use them in the defense of freedom, what’s right and of those defenseless to protect themselves from those who would slaughter them.

This attractive artwork on the Veterans Park fence is an appropriate and respectful tribute to honor veterans of all eras in our nation’s history.

Thank you Bob Stokes and Gray Lucier, for providing it.

Lastly, an important distinction to make is that guns are not killing our children and other innocents in schools and elsewhere.

People who misuse guns are doing that.

Ann Reed,


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