LETTER: Stay healthy

Some vaccinated people are getting COVID-19, especially the new variants.

It would seem from the latest figures available that in the UK, Netherlands and Israel many of the new cases are occurring in vaccinated individuals.

84 percent of Israelis are vaccinated, but 85 percent of the new cases are in those who are somewhat protected by vaccination.

What I have not heard stressed is how to be healthy and keep your immune system in top shape.

Why is no one telling us that vitamin D3 helps greatly.

Get in the sun.

Don’t slather on the sunscreen.

If that scares you, consume vitamin D3 daily.

Get your levels checked.

Stop eating junk food, sugary sweets and drinks.

Eat whole real food the way God made it.

Drink water.

Get fresh air and exercise.

Have you heard anyone tell you this might help keep you from dying from COVID-19, vaccinated or not?

Our country has many very unhealthy people.

Do your part.

Get healthy and stay healthy.

Anna Nichols

Port Angeles

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