LETTER: State gas tax is regressive

Washington’s lawmaking body aims to hike the gas tax another 30 percent.

This will help retain our status as the most regressively taxed state in the U.S.

With more and more vehicles using less and less or even no gas at all, they have a Jurassic answer for a Cenozoic problem.

Whether one values, hates or is indifferent to them, roads and related infrastructure are essential to modern industrialized society.

But we are in an era where millions of users demand more access and features but contribute nothing as they don’t burn gas.

It’s conceivable that someone who never leaves home but orders everyday online needs and benefits from roadways.

It’s also conceivable that the wealthiest person in the state rarely drives yet benefits immensely from the infrastructure.

Cyclists of all kinds, including uber-expensive elite E-bikers, require and demand safe access and usage. Funding the roadways on the backs of motorists from their gas tanks, is a dated dinosaur.

It’s time for this state to adopt an entirely different method of funding transportation infrastructure.

One Republican lawmaker is proposing a 2 percent tax on bicycles, which is a good start.

I think this should be much broader and include all bicycle parts, accessories, everything.

Automobile parts and accessories as well.

Everything remotely related to wheeled vehicles.

I also thought it should be 2.5 percent.

As these are things no one buys every day, but everyone does buy, and the well off spend more on, this is a non-regressive solution to something everyone benefits from.

Tom Larue