LETTER: Mayhem in Port Angeles

I am a local business owner and do not want to cause problems; however, as I watch and experience our once safe and beautiful little town going from bad to worse, I am convinced that as a community we need to do something.

I am tired of and frustrated by incidents of theft, vandalism and overall blatant disregard for our community and its members.

I am part owner of the property on the west side of town known as the Extreme Sports Park.

Recently, the park has fallen victim once again to more thoughtless and costly vandalism.

Graffiti on signs, abandoned dilapidated vehicles, trespassing, fields and parking lots being torn up, theft of various items, trash left, and most recently, the park was broken into and a tractor and equipment tires were punctured.

Each of these incidents are time consuming and incredibly costly to fix.

While driving through our once-beautiful town, I witnessed a person defecating in an alcove off the sidewalk and have seen others in parks also doing so.

I want the smell, safety and beauty for my grandkids to be here as they grow up in our community.

I wonder who does this type of thing?

Why are we allowing this to occur?

I do not have an answer to all this mayhem, but I am a firm believer in “you do the crime, you do the time.”

This is what worked when I was growing up.

People, for the most part, abided by the law and knew their choices and behaviors had consequences.

Just saying.

Kelly Morrison

Port Angeles

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