LETTER: Road to heaven?

Pre-revolutionary colonists came to this country to escape European religious persecution.

For this reason, the Constitution included separation of church and state.

After Republicans blocked Obama from selecting a justice for the U.S. Supreme Court, they used Trump court nominations to gain control of the court to attack abortion rights so a right-wing religious minority of the U.S. population could basically have the right to persecute pregnant females and healthcare workers who have a different definition of human life.

After 40 years of Republican guns/gays/abortion evangelical politics, they have yet to prove they actually care about the health, welfare and education of children, females or families in this country.

Their trickle-down economic policies with wealthy tax cuts have led to more economic disparity and erosion of social safety nets while they have fought Democrats every step of the way over healthcare and gun control.

In 2020, guns were the leading cause of death in U.S. kids.

The U.S. maternal morbidity rate is a disgrace for an industrialized nation and getting worse.

Minimum wage is not a living wage and a secondary education is unaffordable for many.

Since 2020, some state Republicans also have enacted legislation to suppress voter rights and are manipulating the electoral college to win without a majority again.

They are basically pursuing taxation without representation of the majority of voters in this country, apparently having forgotten this as a factor in the Revolutionary War.

The Republican road to heaven is paved with a hell on earth they are co-creating.

Cheryl Nash

Port Angeles