LETTER: Proud to see students in gun violence protest

Kudos to Emily Menshew and the other students of Port Angeles High School.

I have your photo proudly taped to the front of my fridge.

Your message is “right on.”

I am proud of today’s youth for taking a stand against the gun violence in this country (“Students in Clallam County walk out in mourning, unity,” PDN, March 16).

As a retired teacher, I’m proud to see students demand their civic rights to “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” when the adults around them have failed to protect them, failed to stand up to the gun lovers’ lobby.

A society that chooses their guns over the lives of their children is sadly lacking in moral decency.

So Emily: Go, girl.

You and your student friends, and students across this country may bring about needed change that is long overdue.

Donna Campbell,