LETTER: Facts are facts about global warming

In the March 15 issue of the PDN, Cal Thomas states that Marc Morano’s new book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” is just in time to refute the argument that climate change will destroy life on Earth.

Reading the book will supposedly turn the reader into an informed climate change denier, armed with arguments and facts to counter the propaganda being pushed by climate change fanatics.

I find his statement frightening because he confuses propaganda with true facts and evidence and scientists with fanatics.

Scientific studies show global warming leading to climate change is directly tied to the burning of fossil fuels, done by humans going about their daily lives.

Disastrous weather events, which we have seen firsthand in the past two to three years particularly, are increasing and expected to continue and worsen because of this increased warming, all backed up by data that can be accurately extrapolated into the near future (“How global warming fueled five extreme weather events,” New York Times, Dec. 14, 2017).

Anomalies always occur — that is the nature of science.

Whether you are a believer, a Democrat, Republican or Independent, facts are facts and should not be stretched, changed or ridiculed.

Science is based on the art of questioning and then trying to answer the question based on the facts.

Thomas makes this sound corrupt and evil.

He does a grave disservice to anyone reading his column by trying to convince them that climate change is a hoax pushed by “fanatics.”

I guess the same could be said about climate deniers.

Sherry Schaaf,