LETTER: Port Angeles faces challenges in school facilities

Among the many challenges faced by the Port Angeles School District is the care of its facilities.

With multiple aging buildings and limited resources, the district has had to prioritize its facility efforts.

Three years ago, the district proposed a bond to rebuild the high school.

I supported that bond.

With two sons who attended the high school in the past decade, I was well aware of facility shortcomings.

I believe the district’s decision to tackle that challenge was sound.

The bond failed, so the district polled the community, reassessed needs, accounted for statewide voter approved mandates (smaller elementary class size), and shaped a new plan that gave rise to the proposed capital project levy.

I wholeheartedly support this move.

Both of our boys attended first through 12th grades in Port Angeles.

Both participated in music and athletic programs.

Both were challenged and supported by excellent teaching, and both went on to further studies.

Over time we got to know many different district educators — and we were consistently impressed.

As I currently volunteer with the Port Angeles Education Foundation, I’ve had a chance to see other and often unsung local heroes — administrators and teachers who work long hours and counselors who support students through today’s unique challenges (like bullying).

Through these varied experiences, I have come to increasingly appreciate our local school district.

The challenges in today’s education are great.

Solutions are complex and require imagination and commitment.

District personnel have earned my trust and my support for this levy.

David Christian

Port Angeles