LETTER: Monetized foreign policy leads to climate change

Climate change is real

There is an interesting juxtaposition with the two most resent Patrick Buchanan editorials (PDN, Jan. 9 and Jan. 16) and two news articles in the PDN on Jan. 9 (“Bill for 2017 weather events …” and “Low oxygen levels, coral bleaching … “).

Mr. Buchanan wonders “What is America’s mission now?” (PDN, Jan. 9) where he mentions some of America’s “inconsistent” foreign policies.

He could have added overthrow of elected leaders in Chile and Iran, and other “meddling” in Central America (Guatemala, Nicaragua), Africa, Vietnam, and Indonesia — the list could go on.

I contend that historically there has been consistency in U.S. foreign policy.

It was never “moral clarity” but “monetary clarity” to enrich wealthy and well-connected U.S. businesses at the expense of other countries’ resources and well being.

This has been the major roll of empires throughout history: think Rome, Portugal, Spain, France, England.

The two news articles (PDN, Jan. 9) are indications of climate change impacts we’ve reaped from America’s foreign and domestic policies.

Our present administration seems intent on implementing these policies here, raping and pillaging our own natural resources to benefit the already wealthy and well-connected.

If these policies continue, Mr. Buchanan’s editorial concern (Jan. 16) of more mass immigration, in part to escape impacts of climate change, will be reality.

But he need not worry about this mass immigration resulting in no “core majority” America by 2050.

The “core majority” will be “survivors.”

Climate change is real and the real worries are consequences for life on earth.

Bob Vreeland,

Port Angeles


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