LETTER: Let’s keep it civil in those letters to the editor

The two letters to Peninsula Voices in the April 2 Peninsula Daily News, “Ireland critic” and “Fat rats,” displayed a judgmental and offensive tone.

These letter writers need to know that this is an opinion page, not a place to condemn or put down those who disagree with them.

They have a right to their opinions, but so do those of us who do not agree with them and who especially do not approve of name-calling and innuendo.

Unfortunately, this tone is becoming more and more frequent, and it seems that the whole of our society is moving in this mean and nasty direction.

Civil discourse wins a lot more discussions than does an ill-conceived personal agenda.

I wonder if these writers have really stopped to listen to those they so fervently disagree with, to find that maybe other opinions also carry some truth into the arena.

Please — let’s keep it civil without the put-downs and the nastiness.

Jim Green,