LETTER: Jefferson’s Prop 1 a bailout for Port Townsend project

Jefferson County politicians are now asking all property tax payers to bail them out from a $250,000 Port Townsend loan via Proposition 1 for a two-story, four-unit existing building that was barged from Canada to Port Townsend that is to become an eight-unit building.

The building location is off Port Townsend’s Cherry Street on “A” Street for a $1 property payment from the city.

Existing building site conditions were conducted without any city approvals or permits and no plans, mechanical, electrical, storm drainage analysis, soils, environmental impact reports, zone changes, utility cooperation, economic analysis, ADA requirement or parking including safety on-site.

At this time, the city has not received any engineering with respect to the integrity of the building.

The only permits issued are for a temporary support system, according to a list supplied by the city.

All above noted “no” conditions — in my opinion — are illegal and totally unacceptable.

Who is paying?

How are all the existing expenses being handled, i.e., materials, equipment, loan interest, future project costs and city fees?

I believe all Jefferson County taxpayers will pay for this “botched” project through Proposition 1, which has no taxation limits and no specific guidelines.

I call for a “no” vote on Proposition 1, which is a non-political issue that will affect everyone who pays property taxes in Jefferson County.

Wake up, community, because this includes all tenants.

Developers are not “chomping at the bit” to build affordable housing, according to news reports.

Karl Boettcher,

Port Townsend