LETTER: Van Hoover would bring balance to hospital board

First, consider the math.

Now, consider the fact that Jefferson Healthcare, a publicly owned and operated institution, has had a three-to-two split board. One faction of the board appears not want to move into new areas of service as fast as the other.

Then, consider that for too long, the will of the people who voted for the commissioners in the minority has apparently been denied a full voice.

This is not a healthy situation.

It’s a situation that can only change if Cheri Van Hoover is elected as our next commissioner.

Given her background, training, experience and character, Cheri Van Hoover is the outstanding candidate.

As a nationally recognized health care provider and educator, she offers every resident of east Jefferson County, voter or not, a critical choice.

Will ours remain a split board going forward?

Or will we have a fully functional five-member board working together in the interests of the health care of every one of us?

Cheri Van Hoover is the candidate who can bridge our board’s communication gap.

That’s what all patrons and patients need and deserve from a fully functioning hospital board, not the split board as is now the situation.

Cheri can be that positive link that helps the current factions overcome their differences in order to perform their public responsibilities in the interest of all of us.

Five commissioners listening to each other and working together is good medicine for our hospital.

Please do not let this unusual and valuable opportunity pass us by.

Complete that link. Elect Cheri Van Hoover as the next commissioner for Jefferson Healthcare.

Dave Woodruff,

Port Townsend