LETTER: It’s up to us and our votes to change fabric of government

We have a president who’s not trustworthy, who lies repeatedly and who, it seems, will never be rejected by the Republican Party, which still sees using him to extend its agenda.

We could see this continue to 2020 and also see the United States sink much further into the swamp of the current government.

It seems the only way to slow down or stop this slide is to change the power structure of one of our houses of government.

We need to have the Democratic Party in control of at least one house.

We need to start locally in our state by trying to increase the number of Democratic Party House members from six to — hopefully — 10 in 2018.

We have 10 congressional districts in Washington state.

We need to replace Republican Cathy McMorris Rogers in District 5, who voted to exclude 23 million people, according to the Congressional Budget Office, from health care by recently voting for the GOP health care bill.

We need to support the re-election of Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell in 2018.

We need to think nationally in supporting Democratic Party candidates.

The simple way would be to support Democratic Party political action committees that will contribute cash to the campaigns of 2018.

There are two PACS that will honestly distribute your donations to Democratic campaigns.

Look up reviews on both after reading this letter.

To support the Democratic senatorial campaigns, please donate to “Senate Majority PAC” (www.senatemajority.com).

To support all Democrats running for a U.S. government position, please donate to “It Starts Today.”

We all need to do something to change the appalling condition of our government.

Frank Cimino,