LETTER: No way truthful, accurate to claim Trump keeping promises to American people

The most recent excuse being used by Republicans in Congress and the White House to pursue their same old agenda of making life worse for the middle class and poor while giving even more money to the wealthy is that they have to keep Trump’s campaign promises.

We need to keep our promises to the American people, according to Republican politicians who want to keep Trump’s agenda.

Never mind that Trump’s promises, like everything else that comes out of his mouth, were deceptions carefully calculated to appeal to his immediate audience, and appealing to and stoking up the fears, anger, racism, bigotry and hate of the brainwashed masses on the right.

Trump’s only true agenda is to puff up his own ego and increase his own wealth.

But even if you are misguided enough to support Trump’s insane and often impossible string of promises, let’s stop for a moment and put things in perspective.

First of all, let’s not forget that 3 million more Americans voted against Trump’s promises than voted for them.

In reality, only 27.9 percent of American voters (46.4 percent of a turnout of 60.2 percent) actually voted for Trump and his promises.

And who knows how many voters were moved to support Trump or oppose Hillary by an army of Russian hackers and social media trolls spreading lies and false news stories to try to get Trump elected?

It is in no way truthful or accurate to claim that the American people want Trump to keep his campaign promises. I believe the opposite is the truth.

David A. Desautel,