LETTER: Is Trump a fascist?

Here are some of the startling qualities he exhibits that make me think so.

Trump a fascist?

Hillary Clinton is the responsible choice for president.

She has had a commendable political career, notwithstanding mostly bogus allegations against her.

Donald Trump and Republicans, however, are a mortal danger to our nation.

Media obsession with Trump’s vulgarity distracts from the more serious economic, military and political Republican threats.

First, Trump would drive the U.S. economy back into recession with Republican tax and spending cuts and lax financial regulation, which caused the 2007 recession.

President Obama refuted these policies with recovery measures of tax, spending and financial regulatory increases.

Republicans continue to obstruct economic recovery for political advantage.

Second, Trump would increase U.S. involvement in Republican wars and occupations.

He boasts of defeating ISIS decisively and quickly.

This profound ignorance and naiveté got us into the growing Middle East quagmire in the first place.

Trump’s penchant for military solutions will drag America further into endless war.

Third, Trump and the Republican right have unmistakable fascist inclinations.

Trump quotes fascism founder Benito Mussolini.

He supports fascist concepts: extreme nationalism, military supremacy, national security paranoia, scapegoating minorities, mass media control, corporate dominance, labor suppression, human rights abuses (e.g., torture, police state) and authoritarianism.

Fascists use these methods as pretexts to undermine constitutional democracies.

Robert Kagan, historian, Republican and Washington Post columnist, describes the Trump phenomenon as “how fascism comes to America.”

Electing a reckless and fascist-leaning Republican president could plunge our nation into unimaginable political, economic and military catastrophes.

Republicans need more time out of office to decontaminate their party.

Malcolm D. McPhee,