LETTER: Port Angeles council vote to end fluoridation continues strife

Aren’t there more important matters to care about?

More ‘dysfunction’

I can’t believe that water fluoridation will continue to be the focus in Port Angeles for 15 more months.

This matter should have ended last year, when the majority of the City Council voted to continue water fluoridation.

This latest decision by the council to hold an advisory vote November 2017 means another year of divisiveness and dysfunction in city government.

This may be satisfactory for those obsessed with ending one of the most affordable and effective ways to prevent tooth decay.

But I believe that most of us recognize that the city has other important matters to focus on.

Public safety, economic development, education and the Elwha Water Facilities project come to mind.

Not to mention there’s also next year’s vote to decide whether residents want Port Angeles to lose its code-city status — a ballot measure introduced by the single-minded water fluoridation opponents who believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water.

It’s as if the water fluoridation critics care only about one thing, and other important issues, including the city’s ability to control its own destiny, are unimportant.

Nancy Biery,