LETTER: I won’t support Port Angeles levy until sex education program is replaced

FLASH is the Family Life and Sexual Health sex education curriculum being taught in the Port Angeles School District.

Ask your school board about the program that is being taught to our students.

This sex education program now promotes what was, in the not-so-distant past, called deviant behavior and now is called alternative lifestyles.

In so doing, by adopting this program, our students are encouraged to be proud of their feelings and to embrace whatever way they feel.

On the transgender issue, once upon a time, one only had to check their anatomy to determine if they were a boy or girl.

Now, we check our feelings day by day to determine our identity and demand that everyone accept us for what we are feeling.

Biological boys can be considered female.

Biological girls can be considered male.

Co-mixing based on feelings is a recipe for disaster.

A biological boy at his discretion can demand access to biological girl bathroom facilities, and vice versa.

So much for laws dealing with indecent exposure, peeping Toms, etc.

We don’t need to fund public schools that are teaching these things to our students.

Therefore, I will not support any levy until these programs are scrapped and a more fact-based program is adopted to replace FLASH.

Richard Coulson,

Port Angeles