LETTER: I agree that Malkin’s column is so vitriolic, it defies reading

I am writing in support of the letter in Peninsula Voices on Feb. 19 titled “Malkin critic.”

It was a letter I wish I had written.

I thank the letter writer so much for voicing what I am absolutely sure is the thinking of many people in our city.

Malkin’s words as described by the writer are “hate-filled,” “vitriolic,” “name-calling” and “past the confines of any moral decency.”

Malkin’s words are also divisive, demanding, unkind and thoughtless.

I think it is important in a daily newspaper to have differences of opinions presented.

We need to understand and learn from views that are different from our own.

Malkin’s columns are something I never read because they are so filled with negativity, hate and anger.

I agree with the Feb. 19 letter writer. Surely the Peninsula Daily News can find a better representative for the conservative viewpoint, one I will read.

Darlene Clemens,

Port Angeles