LETTER: Flu vaccine is recommended

From Port Angeles

I strongly disagree with Michelle Malkin who, in her column in the PDN on Oct. 9, urges readers to not get immunized for influenza this year.

She mentions several older (2010, 2012) studies summarized by the Cochrane Collaboration as showing only a modest benefit of flu vaccine.

She disparages Dr. Anthony Fauci, whom she describes as “feckless,” for recommending flu vaccination this year to protect our health care workers and vulnerable citizens from a potential worsening of outcomes by a combination of infection with influenza and Covid-19 viruses.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has just released a policy statement that says “influenza vaccination – recommended for everyone 6 months and older without medical contraindication – is vital to help protect vulnerable populations and reduce the burden of respiratory illnesses and hospitalizations during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.”

I am a retired pediatrician, having cared for the children of Clallam County for 35 years.

Ms. Malkin is a journalist, well known for her right-wing bias.

I chose to follow the recommendation of the AAP, Dr. Fauci and all the other science-based medical organizations by getting the influenza vaccine this year.

Whose advice would you choose to follow, that of a journalist or that of the majority of the health-related science organizations in this country?

Choose wisely. The health of our community, especially the elderly and health care workers, depends on your choice.

Dr. John D. Wegmann

Port Angeles

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